Don’t call it a resolution

Man am I sucking it up lately or what?  I’m all better and full of life and nonexistent.  Lame.  I’ve got plenty to talk about it’s just I can’t stop cleaning and organizing my house after completely neglecting it for nearly three months.   So, I am picking up as if it’s not the middle of January already and am going to share with you my list of goodies to do this year. Not a resolution list, really just a list of want to’s. 

1.  Have a baby!

2. Spend the rest of Nate’s time as an only making it rock.  Lots of crafts and story time and Tyke Tyme (don’t get me started on that spelling) and anything I can conjure up to live up the time we have left as just the two of us.

3. See a live play or musical.  

4. Brush my teeth after lunch.  I brush Nate’s but not my own, you’d think this is simple enough.

5. Take my health seriously all year-long.  I will NOT GAIN 50+ lbs this pregnancy, I WILL NOT! 

6. Take a girls trip!  This is in the works, Chicago next month.

7. Have an overnight date w/ Mike.

8. Paint my nails more often. I love a good manicure, need to make time for it. 

9. Decorate Olive’s nursery!

10. Design &  Decorate Nate’s room

11. Design a cheap Master Bedroom to satisfy me for the next few years

12. Have the carpets cleaned

13. Have AC replaced before it gets deathly hot!  This should be #1

14.  Take one last family trip before Olive arrives mid July.

15. Sew a baby blanket for Olive.

16. Sew pillow for Eames chair

17. keep my car clean, inside and out!  (oy, this one is a lifer)

18.  Read both from my list as well as the random library choices. 

19. Get a few new cookbooks and keep trying new recipes.

20. Bake a pie!  For crying out loud, I can bake and cook well and I’ve never made my own pie.  I think it’s time. 

I’m happy with that list.  There are probably a few I’m leaving out but that’s okay.  It’s not a hard and fast set of things more like flexible plans.  Except for the baby and the AC- those two are as good as done.

I will write about my word next.   How are you doing two weeks in?  Sticking with it or did you forego it all together this year?

**edit- I just found my written list and forgot a few.

take a pattern classs-potty train nate-get thank you’s out before people forgot they gave you a gift

4 thoughts on “Don’t call it a resolution

  1. I used to have this really good apple crumble recipe, but I’ve lost it. I’m of no use, but pies are delicious, you SHOULD make one 🙂

  2. Sounds like a do-able list to me. I didn’t set any big goals for this year because, well, I didn’t know what this year was going to be like with two little ones. So, I kept if very simple – keep my sanity and the kids and husband fairly happy. So far, so good!

  3. This is a GREAT list! A good pie is all in the crust, I think. I have a great strawberry pie recipe if you’d like it – it’s amazing in the summer.

    I have to say, I think that #1 is my favorite!

  4. I am going to comment on the car thing because this was a huge issue for me. Especially with having two kids… OY!!

    This year won’t be so bad for you – but the next couple of years will be awful in terms of keeping the car clean. The boys bring in so much extra crap and garbage, it’s ridiculous! So, my trick is to keep the garbage in one place and every time I put gas in the car, I clean out the garbage. Whatever I bring into the car at that point, must come out – same rule for the boys. Then, every month – I do a once over in the trunk area (because stuff accumulates there all the time – it’s like magic).

    This is the only way I can keep the car somewhat clean. I won’t mention all the “stuff” I have found under the boys’ car seats. blech!!

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