She lives (just barely)

I really hate when so much time passes between posts; I never know where to begin, what to include, or, if I should just scrap it all and move forward.

I’m not scrapping it all, lest Nate’s 3rd Christmas disappear.  Christmas was a smashing success, the baby kept  up its end of the deal and I felt well all day.  Then, all bets were off.  My friend Sarah said “Oh, crap!  I  think the baby found your blog!”  Gosh, that made me laugh so hard I almost snorted my ginger ale.   No, I’m not better yet but thanks for asking.  I’m hanging in there though, it’s become a predictable pattern of 5pm on so I get lots done before it hits and then lie low.  This is better than the 24 hour a day business so I will take it.  Still, I’m looking forward to spending time with Mike again sometime soon since he is only home to hear me groan and hold my belly.  There is a Christmas album in Flickr if you’d like to see the photo story of our holiday.

I often find myself using bullets when too much time has passed, today will be no different.  A quick peek at what’s happened while I was out.

  • Nothing fits me!  12 weeks tomorrow and I’m buying new clothes, I didn’t pop with Nate until Spring so nothing I have from the first go-round works.  This is fun and sucks the selection out there hasn’t improved much.  Any tips on reasonably priced AND stylish maternity gear?
  • Nate is a talking machine, like, really, you’re still talking?  I sort of laugh at his narrating since he learned that from me, constantly telling him what we are looking at/buying/touching.   There is nothing he can’t say or wont repeat.  Yikes.
  • I had a blast decorating for the Holidays this year and in doing so came up with new ideas for next year, too.
  • OMG, next year I will have TWO kids!
  • OH, I can’t wait.
  • I saw a picture of myself 30’ish weeks pregnant with Nate recently and freaked out- “I’m NOT ready”  I yelled.
  • Yeah, that ship has sailed, girlfriend.
  • I’m not feeling that connected to this baby yet, which is very similar to my pregnancy with Nate.  It wasn’t until I leaned “who” I was carrying that I developed a bond. 
  • DYING to get there with this one-
  • DYING!
  • Have massive plans- entire nursery is sketched out, Nate’s big boy room plan is coming together and some updating to our (never going to happen full on re-do) master and bath.  Small tweaks- with the baby coming that comes first but the room is so boring I’m taking it on even if it’s just a few more years before we re-do it, I can’t stand how stark it is while we wait for the day to come.
  • I have a list of posts coming up- my word for 2010, a recap of 09  and some organizing and purging projects to get done before Olive arrives.
  • Oh, so Nate was Nugget- This baby is Olive- it was a coincidence that they both started with an N- this baby, no matter its gender, will not have an “O” name.
  • Yes, we are finding out.
  • No, you will not know Olive’s real name until s/he has a SSN.
  • I got a Shark vacuum for Christmas and man, it rocks my stay at home socks!  If you have a fair amount of hard floors and are tired the half ass job a broom does, I cannot recommend this enough. it could be a little lighter but it’s fantastic.  It swivels and gets under furniture, and it doesn’t have a rotating brush which just throws bits all over the room, just really high power suction.  Awesome.
  • Yeah, I asked for a vacuum for Christmas. Shut up!
  • Mike actually got me everything on my list nothing more nothing less.
  • Am totally spoiled.
  • Hate that I didn’t ask for a Laptop too!
  • Part of Christmas at our house revolves around food.  I cooked for about half the day.  Breakfast was Quiche, cinnamon rolls, fruit and sausage.  Dinner was roasted turkey breast, fresh green beans, homemade cranberry sauce and scalloped potatoes.  Dessert was a citrus pound cake with an orange cranberry sauce.  Oh, it was a big eating day!

I guess that’s about it.  How was your Christmas, did you enjoy large meals and time with family?  I hope so and I’d love to hear about it!


3 thoughts on “She lives (just barely)

  1. Love the new look!

    We had a fabulous Christmas. Can’t believe that it’s already passed, but SO looking forward to 2010! I recapped and did pics and all that on my blog, but mostly just so glad to hear from you again!

    I’m happy that Olive was nice to you on Christmas. Great gift, Olive!

  2. I so remember those days of feeling sick. I found taking my vitamins right before bed helped SLIGHTLY (i.e. just enough for me to not puke all of the time).

    As for clothes, I found JcPenney had decent tops.

  3. Sounds like your Christmas was great! Ours was nice too, the first one in the new house! Aidan was a little more into it this year, I’m really excited to see how he reacts to it next year.

    I was just thinking of choosing a word for 2010–can’t wait to hear what your’s is.

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