The Holidays are here!

Can I tell you that I’ve been dying to decorate for Christmas for about two weeks already?  I have.  Normally I’m a little scroogy and don’t like to speak of such things until the week of Thanksgiving but this year, it has hit me early, and, hard.  I can’t wait.  I truly think it’s all because of Nate. 

We have “backyard neighbors” (neither of us have a fence so we sort of share a yard) and they have a pine tree right on the border of our properties, they lit it up last night and I had to have every curtain and bind pulled because Nate HAD to see it from every room in the house.  We go to Target (which he now requests;”Go buy-buy?  Go to Target!) and they have decorations hanging from the ceiling and he flips out, I take him to the back corner to see the “TREES! Kismass tree LIGHTS!”  just for fun.  I cannot wait for this Christmas.  It is going to rule.

But, before Christmas comes Thanksgiving!  Whoo!  Excited for it, too.   We are headed to Tampa again this year to be with my dad and s-mom.   I can’t wait to get there.  It’s an interesting thing to visit a parent and feel at home and on vacation at the same time.   That is a combo I am ready for!  I just want to be there in the sunshine with my Dad and my son in the same room and Sue and I in the kitchen smelling the turkey.   I can’t wait!

What are you doing this week?  I hope you’re lucky enough to be surrounded by people you love and who know how to cook a mean bird!


One thought on “The Holidays are here!

  1. I’m looking forward to decorating too! Usually that means accompanied by a glass of heavily souped up egg-nog but this year I’m off the hooch so I’ll have to make do with some fancy hot chocolate. So glad to not be preparing the whole meal this year. Yay for Martha Stewart-y relatives!!

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