Thankful: Partnership

Today has been a lovely Saturday, one that couldn’t take place without support.

The alarm woke me at 8 to shower for my day, Mike and the tot already up.  I showered in peace, was greeted a short time later by said tot in his “supr’ pup peejey’s” and was out the door by 9. 

Carrie and I drove thru Starbucks, went to Tiny Canary where we purchased some amazing hand-made goodies, had lunch downtown and then went to a fabric shop that nearly killed me (hello, inspiration) and to a children’s boutique.   Just when I thought the day was as good as it could get I came home to find Nate napping.  Then, I took a nap, too.

I know that having one kid and keeping a house isn’t the hardest job out there, quite the opposite actually.  That being said, for me, it’s hard at times (like when he’s awake)(I kid)  as much as I adore my son and my husband it is absolutely essential that I have time away and to do things that bring me back to who I am.  Without the support of Mike these days couldn’t happen.  He encourages me to get out and take a breath.   Today I am thankful for him allowing me to do just that.

2 thoughts on “Thankful: Partnership

  1. You have a great partner. Sounds like a lovely day! Don’t downplay what you do for your little guy – I know that there are *probably* harder jobs out there, but personally I think yours is among the toughest. It takes a lot to be completely focused on one person for such long stretches of time, and you do it with great grace.

    Love this thankful series!

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