Thankful: Chioces

Mike and I worked hard to get where we are today.  Hard.   The past two years have turned my life upside down;  simultaneously having a baby and leaving the workforce.   Mike’s life has changed a lot, too.  In one instant he became a Father and the bread winner.

When we got pregnant with Nate we figured I could stay home for one year and we would reassess.  Two years later it’s still working out.  We are afloat but more importantly, happy. 

This is working for us.  Me staying home with the boy, Mike working ( HARD and A LOT) and maintaining a really healthy quality of life.   I love what I am doing, I love it.   Cleaning a toilet is a dream compared to month end at my old job.  Shoot, an overnight barfing baby was better than month end!

I know I am lucky to live this life, to be in a situation where I have a choice.   I know I am lucky and I am so thankful to Mike for choosing a path that allowed us this choice.


3 thoughts on “Thankful: Chioces

  1. I am thankful my husband wanted this even before we were married. We made sure even when I was working full time that the basic bills were covered by his income alone. Now I love that I can work a little bit from home but still be Mommy almost 24-7. It is a great life!

    And I second Sarah’s comment too!

  2. I’m so glad that you have this choice too. You’re an amazing mom, and your son is absolutely the better for it. Plus, on the selfish side, it affords you time to help me decorate! 🙂 WIN!

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