It’s not pretty



Wow! That is hideous!  I bet you didnt realize that my handwriting is so bad. I dont use capitals and apparently I prefer a dash to a period.   I’d love to see yours.  If you post it let me know.


5 thoughts on “It’s not pretty

  1. You have Cool Girl handwriting, so I am in total envy of it. It’s all casually hip – mine looks schizo because I constantly alternate between cursive, print and some form of capital block-lettering.

    I may have to do this – it’s fun!

  2. Hey, I was the one you were passing notes to you in 7th grade and I totally recognize your handwriting! Too funny. But way back then, I think your letters were just a tad more bubbly. Ha! Talk soon 🙂

  3. What a cool idea! I may have to steal it and showcase my pathetically unreadable handwriting!
    Ps: don’t know why I haven’t before, but I just hopped over from Bessie.viola’s blog, and, umm, fell in love with your’s 🙂 I may begin stalking you, too, if that’s ok.

  4. Your handwriting looks a lot like by OB’s – and that is not a bad thing at all (I have a female OB). Although it isn’t “perfect” writing, it looks feminine and is very legible!

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