Candy for me you have?

Halloween #2 was awesome!  We had a blast handing out candy with Nate and visiting a few neighbors with him.  He couldnt get enough, until a full-blown man (seriously,  I bet he was my age) came up in a gorilla suit.  One look at him and Nate ran in the house as fast as he could.   That wasnt our only drama with the kid.  He was not a fan of his costume.

It started out great  he was in his clothes that go under it.


Then it took a turn for the worse. 


 mom yoda

After about an hour of seeing the kids dressed up he let me put it on.  Then it was a par-tay! 

Yoda Nate

I swear to you, life is so great with this kid that I can’t wait for tomorrow*, the day after, Thanksgiving,kindergarten, all of it.  I just can’t get enough of this.

*unless he doesnt nap because OMG y’all, its been weeks since this kid has taken a nap.  Sleep regression not included in the above “life is good” statement.


4 thoughts on “Candy for me you have?

  1. I think that is the cutest kiddo costume I have EVER seen. He is adorable!

    I’m so glad that he wore it for you – we had simliar crying pictures with Madeline the Reluctant Ladybug, but we never moved past those into the “happy to be in a costume” stage.

    I agree with you – this age is AWESOME any way you slice it.

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