Boo-boo, Mama

Saturday started like any other.  The three of us in pj’s padding around the kitchen making breakfast, stepping over the dog, reading magazines and If you give a mouse a cookie.   Nothing out of the ordinary.  We were to go to the pumpkin patch and to try and find Nate a costume.  The weather was perfect for the patch, warm but cloudy and grey, just like fall.

Nate was egging on the dog and they were running through the kitchen when Nate slipped and hit the deck.   The dog ran away to proclaim his innocence and Nate went to Mike, then asked for me.  I held him for a bit while he cried and after a few minutes he wanted down and went back to being a 2-year-old while I sipped my chai and read Cookie.

Mike joined me at the table and Nate ended up back in my lap for another snuggle.   “OMG!  We have to go to the hospital right now!”   “What?”  Mike shows me the blood.  It’s not a ton so I go upstairs to get a warm washcloth so I can clean it up and take a look at what we are dealing with.

15 minutes later its pretty clear we need to go, it is still bleeding and swelling pretty badly.  Our first trip to Children’s Hospital ER.

I was calm and cool in the house, sure (hoping) that Mike was over reacting but once we were in the car I was instantly sick to my stomach.  Nate was oblivious, playing in the back seat seemingly fine.  I know stitches, I don’t like stitches, stitches hurt.  He will have a shot in his headHold me!

Nate did amazing well.   It’s been a long time since my own experience and thankfully there is no longer a shot to numb the pain, they used a gel that sat on for 25 minutes.  That part went just fine.  They wrapped his head up like a little mummy which he found quite funny and we watched TV and read books in our room.  Our room.  My Son’s hospital room. 

He has 4 stitches.  The right side, on his crown just behind his ear.   The first two went in fine, he didnt seem to feel a thing.  The second two he was crying because he was over being held down by 3 adults.   They gave him a popsicle and we were done.  That was it.  He held our hands and we walked back to the car.

I decided that he had earned his favorite lunch.  Nuggets from Chick Fil A.  So we drove thru on the way home,  had lunch and then gave him a bath to wash the blood and stuff they cleaned the wound with out of his hair before putting him down for his “map”- He slept like a baby in part from the codeine laced pain meds they gave him and I’m sure he was exhausted after such a morning.

He is doing fine.  He still wants to wear his hat all day and periodically comes to me to ask for a kiss.   “Maw my Boo-Boo, Mama.”   You got it, baby.  

Thankfully we dont have to have them removed, they will dissolve on their own in about 2 weeks.  Thankfully they are in his hair which did not have to be shaved.  I thanked him on the way home for not messing up his beautiful face.   He shook his head and said “Yup!’ 

Oh, this boy.  I just want to eat him whole.


4 thoughts on “Boo-boo, Mama

  1. I am so surprised we have not had to make any ER runs with the things AJU5 tries! I am glad he was a good patient and he “chose” a good spot to cut open his head.

  2. Sorry about Nate’s head injury! Poor guy. But on the flip side. maybe he could trick-or-treat as a convincing Frankenstein!!!

  3. Oh, that boy! Sounds like an exciting day for him, if only he were old enough to have a little posse of friends to whom he could brag!

    So glad he’s okay, though – my heart just dropped when you said “ER.” You have an admirably cool head! xoxo

  4. Rachel had to get stitches when she was 2 also – five of them right on the front of her forehead. I was freaked too – especially because I wasn’t there when it happened and put the call from daycare into my voicemail at work because I was on some DEATHDEFYINGLY IMPORTANT call. Mommy guilt. She still has the scar, but she likes to tell the story… Amazing how the kids are more resilient than we give them credit for.

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