Make like a tree

I got bored last week and decided it was time to make something.  I came across a post about making leaves  from paper sacks and stringing them from twine.  Sold. 

Nate and I got down to business.  First we cut 3 large grocery bags, removing the bottom and laying them flat.  Then I cut them in half and crumpled them up for texture.  We mixed some acrylic craft paint with a tiny bit of water, cut up some sponges and started painting.



Nates handprint


fall mantle

 The leaf cutting was easier than I thought it would be.  I cut each bag half into 9 small squares.  I went for a little walk around the yard checking out shapes and then drew them out, stacked about 5 sheets of paper and cut them out in multiples.  After that I attached them to the twine using craft glue by folding the stems over on themselves. 

Im pretty happy with the end result.  It looks homemade for sure but it is, and I loved working with Nate and I know he enjoyed it too.   $5 in paint for an afternoon of fun!   I plan on making a hand print each year and adding to it.  Who knew you could turn a paper bag into a memory?!


5 thoughts on “Make like a tree

  1. That looked like fun. I like that Nate had on a tie died shirt to make any mishaps blend in!! hahaha The leaves look great draped across the mirror.

  2. Love this! You are so cute. Can’t believe that Nate was so calm and chill about the whole thing… maybe I should put a bit more faith in Madeline’s attention span!

    It looks really great, though. Love the handprint-addition idea.

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