It was a good run

Yesterday was sort of odd.  I was on the phone with my sister and somehow the conversation lead to pacifiers, I said I didnt think Nate would know what one was anymore.  She assured me he’d cram it in his mouth, afterall that’s what kids do with any new and foreign object.  I wasnt so sure since it’s been 7 months since he’s seen one. 

We were bundling up to go to the mall and I put on a coat I hadnt worn since last winter, there was a paci in the pocket.  At first I shrunk instantly missing the little baby that needed it, then I thought it was really strange considering the conversation I’d just had with Heidi.  I did give it to him to see what he’d do.  He put it in his mouth but chewed on it rather than suck.  I put it in a drawer and we left.


We were snuggled up in the rocker listening to his lullaby cd and I was thinking how comfortable I was.  I could sit here all night holding this boy, his weight against my chest, listening to him breathe and hum to the music.  I put him to bed and blew him a kiss.

 We turned the news off around 11:20 and I got comfortable. 11:32 I check the clock after Nate’s making odd noises, I’m pretty sure he’s sick.  I turn on the hall light and slowly open his door.  His hat is pulled down over his eyes and there is vomit all over it, his hands and there are three puddles in his crib.  “Mama, mess.  Up please.”  This is the first time he’s been sick.  I dont have a clue what to do.  I tell him I’ll be right back and I go to the linen closet and stare at it wondering what I’m looking for.  My Mom isnt in there so I grab a beach towel.  It was a really long night.  And here is why-

I was totally unprepared for this.

  •  What do you do with the kid when you strip his bed?
  • What do you do with the chunks- you cant put them in the washer?
  • What do you do when all the baby wants is his “bankie” and hes just barfed on it? A LOT.
  • Do you give the kid a bath?
  • Is he going to do this all night?
  • Where do I sleep?
  • Do I make his bed and put him back down?
  • Do we go to bed together?
  • How will I know when he’s going to blow again?
  • I have to pee (repeat 3 times) – guess I carry him with me.
  • I really wish it was a weekend so I had an extra set of hands
  • I wonder if I get a bowl if he will use it? (yes)
  • Did he just puke on my face and in my shirt?  (yes)
  • Should we just take a bath together?  It’s 2:30 am
  • Each time he did vomit, a full load of laundry was washed. A FULL LOAD!

We spent the night in the basement on the couch.  I didnt want the orange puke on my guest linens- so couch won.  I ended up grabbing my cleaning rags, a bowl and a hand full of diapers, footie pj’s and my robe.  He stopped vomiting around 3 and then slept so hard I was able to lay him on the couch alone and “sleep” on the other.  I may have slept for an hour.  I was just waiting for the signal to grab the bowl again.  I was afraid to move, to make any noise, to do anything to wake him.

I just didn’t know what to do.  I knew this would  happen, of course, but even if “they’d” told me what to expect I dont think it would have helped.  He’s napping now after a morning of play and acting as if nothing happened.  I however feel like I was run over, I need a shower and have many loads of laundry to fold.

As hard and disgusting as it was,  there is no one else I’d rather be up all night for, no one sweeter to sleep with.  No where else I’d rather be.  I would stay up forever to take care of him.  Forever.


8 thoughts on “It was a good run

  1. I am not ready for AJU5 to get sick at night. So far, we have only had a few very small throw-up instances, and only one was in bed. But, I do wash everything! We have two sheets, and she isn’t attached to any one blanket, so we are fine there.

    Hopefully it was just a 24 hour bug and he is really better now. And, would you prefer to sleep with him or your husband? That would be the only person who would win out for me!

  2. Ugh. I SOOOO hate that.

    Throw it all in the washer. Chunks and all. Run it twice. Then make your husband clean out the basket/filter thingie in the washer.

    I hope poor baby is feeling better today. Although, I know what REALLY sucks is that when he IS better, he’ll be raring to go 110% and you’ll be drop-dead tired from the worry and the care. 🙂

  3. oh no!!! you poor girl and boy. that is horrible. you’re such a good mom. that broke my heart when i read the “mama, mess. up please.” i hope you’re both feeling better soon.

  4. Poor Nate…I hope he’s feeling better soon and you and Mike don’t catch what he had. Many hugs and kisses xoxoxoxo

  5. I can’t believe this has not happened until now. I’ve had it happen several times (3-4) and usually Clara ends up being sick for a day or two, so you have goten off easy. The worst time was diarrhea. Tom was gone on a trip. I heard Clara making sounds at about 6:00 a.m. I go into her room and she’s crouched into a corner of her bed saying, “poop, poop.” There was a huge puddle of it all over the bed.

    I keep two sets of sheets for the bed. If something happens, everything is pulled off and put into the washing machine (chunks and all) and then the clean stuff is put on. I will rince Clara off in the bath tub if that’s an issue. If she’s puking, I will either put her back down and monitor her or hold her. I don’t want her to choke. Sleep is a lost cause when this type of thing happens. Once the puking/dry heaves stop, I start with electrolyte solution, which I keep in small bottles in the basement.

  6. Oh no! Poor baby! Yep…agree with the ladies. I put all the puke ridden articles in the wash…chunks and all. We use towels instead of spare sheets after the first round. Easier to take off and more absorbent. Hope you guys feel better soon!

  7. That is how I learned that you must have several sets of sheets when they go into a “big” bed. And a waterproof mattress pad underneath.
    Congratulations! You have just passed another Mommy Milestone! I think every single mother out there has gone through that.
    I “collect” as much as I can (chunks) and then put the rest in the washer. I’ve given baths in the middle of the night too.
    This is also the reason we own our own carpet cleaning machine (well, that and the animals – I would go broke having our carpets cleaned every time I thought they needed it).
    I start them back on food/drinks s-l-o-w-l-y. Literally a tablespoon of fluid at a time. Always clear.
    I hope he’s better and no one else catches the crud!

  8. As an experienced puker (I have one of those stomach’s that reacts immediately when something doesn’t sit well) the first thing I did was show my boys how and where to throw up. When they were babies, I had a couple instances when they threw up a few times during the night. I made sure the mattress had a protector on it, I also made sure I had more than 1 set of sheets (times 2) and an extra set of blankets. I have showered with them in the middle of the night, I have gotten them dressed again and given them to their daddy while I made their beds… you just do what you have to do at that moment.

    Most kids will throw up once or twice in a row – and then that is the end of it. My kids LOVE to throw up, then wait an hour and throw up again. So I just make sure I’m prepared. Also, because I had the boys so close together, we had them in big boy beds – in fact, Evan never slept in a crib.

    As for the blankie, I just substituted. Luckily my boys never got really attached to just one thing. Any blankie would do. As for the chunks – I put them in the toilet. I wouldn’t even know how to clean the filter thing and if I’d have let Michael do it, the washing machine would have had extra parts after. No thank you!

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