He shook her hand and then she died

I was at a birthday party for a 3-year-old belonging to one of Mike’s co-workers.  It was a casual get together, all of the kids were in the play room with the birthday boy’s grandma and the adults were in the kitchen sipping wine and chatting.  A family arrives, Mom, Dad and an adorable red head named Sophia.  

Mike nudges me and whispers something I don’t hear.

Hands are extended, nice to meet you, too!  What a gorgeous little girl. 

Mike: “Are you both OB’s at OSU?”

Me:  glugs wine, smiles awaiting the answer.

They are.  Mike continues.

“I recognize you.”  he says the to man I’ve just met named Hugh.  “Christina had some complications with her delivery, you put IN the heart rate monitor and gave her oxygen.”

Hugh: “Yeah, that was me, I’m a high risk Doctor.”

Me- GULP- “Oh, wow, hmmm,,, what are the odds!”


And then I dropped dead- DED-Dead!  

Note: this was just the beginning of the party, I had to mingle with the man who saw me naked ( AND 52 lbs overweight who went into labor in the middle of the night UNSHAVEN) and his wife, who now knows we’ve “met” before.

At the end of the party he says “it was nice seeing you again.”



5 thoughts on “He shook her hand and then she died

  1. NOO!!! These people who see what they see, are not allowed to have a life outside of the hospital, for fear of potentially embarrassing past patients beyond repair!!! That is awful!!! (a little funny only because it did not happen to me!) I bet you are LOVING Mike for making the connection!

  2. OMG! That sounds horrifying… those are people you should NEVER have to run into again. Honestly.

    (This from someone whose OB had a son, who dated her sister, and as such saw her in many places outside of the confines of the stirrups. BLERGH).

    My sister is a L&D nurse and swears up and down that bodies are just bodies, and nothing she sees is a big deal at all anymore… but there is a small part deep down that just CANNOT believe her.

  3. I cant do anything but laugh. How freaking awkward?? Im so sorry. Well maybe he was thinking….”wow…she sure looks better now!”

    Im so sure that he doesnt think anything about it. He see’s 20+ who who’s everyday.

    Thanks for the story…

  4. OMG!!!

    I have a similar story…. well, I was in labor and it wasn’t long after I got my epidural. I was feeling pretty good so my whole family was in the room (dad, step-mom, my mom, inlaws, best friend….) well the doctor came in to check me and everyone stood up to leave. My mom stopped to say HI to my doctor (she used to see him years ago) and she said “you probably don’t remember me but I used to go to you” and my doctor says “Yeah, I don’t recognize you with your clothes on.” My mom about DIED.

  5. First, I am glad the majority of the OBs in my doctor’s practice are female (including the 4 I have seen). Second – i don’t know what I would have done in that situation, but I know I would have been embarrassed beyond belief!

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