So cozy!

Oh, Fall!  I love it, LOVE.  I’ve probably mentioned this before but today is the first really cold (42) day and it’s also raining and the candles are lit and I have fresh flowers all over the house left over from Nate’s party and I just never want to leave!  Well, maybe tomorrow.

I don’t know if I’ve always loved fall, I mean it used to mean going back to school which, if Im being honest only got me excited about socializing, new clothes and because I’ve always been a geek for a good list, the school supplies.   Growing up in Tacoma ment a lot of rain, which ewww.  Commuting to downtown Seattle on the Metro on these types of days again, EWWW!  The bus would fog up and it always smelled like hot feet.  Walking 8 blocks to my building in the morning and then from the stop to the park and ride, in the dark- yeah, I think I didn’t like that.  So, maybe this fall thing is newer, actually, as I write this, I know when it happened.  It  happened the first year in North Carolina!  Hmm, how about that?   It makes since, though, NC has four seasons and WA didnt.   Anyway…

I decorated the house a bit today with pumpkins and little kitschy Halloween stuff.  Tomorrow Nate and I are going to bundle up and head to the craft store for our first Mom & Kid project.  Im alternately excited and sad that he is actually big enough to do this with me.   It’s mostly for me to do but he can help me paint.  I cant wait though, since he’s not painted before!  I will share the finished project after it’s done, should only take a few hours so maybe as soon as tomorrow, but I will tell you it’s fall decor related. I also switched out Nate’s closet, putting away the summer clothes and moving in the winter.  He’s been tromping around in snow boots for the past 3 hours.  I’m just so into it right now, I can’t wait to have a pot of soup on the stove and pumpkin seeds in the oven.  

How about you guys, are you into it or are you still stomping around in your fall boots wishing they were your flip flops?


One thought on “So cozy!

  1. It is warm enough here today to be in shorts and a short sleeve shirt. But Saturday morning when we were outside before dawn, winter coats were required. I am ready for it to be consistently under 70 for sure! Although, this weather makes it so I have more clothing options!

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