Right, so I’ve been off living and sort of forgot to write about anything other than the bookcase.    Things are going well, hell, they are going swimmingly!   I’ve been in a stay home kind of mood for the past few days.   There’s something about firing up the furnace for the first time and walking up to a morning storm that just begs me to stay in my lazy clothes and play trains in bed with my boy until lunch time.  So we’ve been doing just that.  And let me tell you, it rules.

I have a ton on my to do list right now, most of which pertains to my child turning two on Tuesday.  We are shopping for him and his party this weekend, I have an announcement to make on Monday (which does not involve my uterus) we’re having our little party of 3 dinner on his day, out-of-town NC girls are coming Saturday, party is Sunday.   I’ve shared a list with you in the past and while this one is much shorter I am FREAKING OUT!   I love to throw parties. Love.   But, menu planning and getting everything in order throws me into this state of over thinking/list making and I waste so much time doing this.  I know what Im cooking, we are having a full lunch and I will also bake a cake and cupcakes (because IM NUTS) and I have a nice manageable list of things to buy and to do before hand.  I guess I’m freaking out because I’ve been looking at and adding to said list for a few days and havent done anything yet.  “Oh, you’ve got plenty of time.”  Ha-Ha, self, you are a master procrastinator- what happened to your Today mantra, Huh?  You’re a sham!  –   So, anyway.  I’ve got to get crackin’. 

Fall showed up this week like your sweet Grandma who you love and was scheduled to show up on Thursday only to ring the bell on Tuesday and you’re all WTH?  Im so glad to see you, you look lovely- IM NOT READY FOR YOU!  Oy, I woke up on Wednesday and the house was 58 and my sons feet were frozen inside his footsie pj’s.  So the furnace is running already which seems odd, early and so wonderful.  There is something both icky and comforting in the smell of a furnace burning for the first time in months.   I guess that it’s time to blow out the candles, get dressed and get busy on this list! 

How are you all doing, has fall arrived at your house?


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  1. It is a little cooler here, but we still have yet to use the furnace (because it hasn’t stayed fall just yet!). I am ready for the constant cooler weather though!

  2. Fun! I can’t wait to see what you put together for his birthday. Can’t believe he’s 2 – where does the time go?

    Fall is definitely here. We’ve used the furnace once, but it’s back off now. I hate turning that thing on; it mars the wonderfulness that is Fall in Michigan! This is pretty much my favorite time of year, aside from the heating bills that are to come.

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