Lame Claims to Fame

A while back on Twitter there was a day where everyone posted their lame claims to fame.  It was hilarious to read but at the time I couldn’t come up with any.  This morning I read a blog that got me thinking about mine and this time I came up with a few and hoo-boy, are they sad!


  • I babysat at the home where 10 things I hate about you was filmed.
  • I met a soap star on a cruise ship.  Kate Linder, she plays Esther on The Young and the Restless. 
  • My cousin whistles in commercials! 
  • My great uncle invented the machine that makes bazooka bubble gum.
  • I’ve been on TV twice.  In my band uniform.

 Not impressive.  How about you, do you have any?  Please share, the more lame the better!


4 thoughts on “Lame Claims to Fame

  1. I LOVED that house from 10 Things I Hate About You. LOVED. So I’m super jealous.

    My only lame claim to fame is having a story published in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I also appeared on television in my cheerleading uniform (along with the rest of my squad) to introduce the Sports for the local news: “Hi! We’re the RHS cheerleaders, and you’re watching Friday Night Lights on TV5!!!!”

    I was also editor of the high school newspaper. That had a circulation of about 500! Big time, baby. BIG TIME.

  2. I work at a place that puts me in regular (at least thru telephone calls) contact with pseudo-famous sports people, so I won’t count any of those. But in 2001, I sat in a limo with Joe McIntyre for about 30 minutes and our THIGHS WERE TOUCHING THE WHOLE TIME!!!! SQUEE!!!!!

    I also worked at the Chicago Tribune as an intern for nine months. Good times.

  3. i have no claims to fame, lame or otherwise! but i loved your list – such interesting things! especially liked the one about your great-uncle inventing the bazooka machine. so cool!!

  4. I think that all I’ve got is, When my highschool opened, the top of my head was the newspaper… just my eyes, bangs and head. lol. 3 of yours are also mine! sad… 🙂

    Ohh and I was on TV a few weeks ago. I was blurry, but it was me! We were at the Gold cup game and there was video of our goal keeper. We were sitting right behind him.

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