I got nothin’

Really nothing at all.  When you’re not paid to blog sometimes you just don’t.   You sort of fall of the face of the earth for a while and then suddenly you feel guilty and then lame.  I mean, I know your not refreshing your feed readers waiting for my next post but still, I have a blog, I have a pulse, I should be updating.

And yet…..  Life has been a little rocky.  There are some things I’m dealing with that I’m not up for sharing (for now?)  so I’ve sort of gone into hiding.  I’m not really using any of my usual outlets because I haven’t been in the mood.  Crappy, I know.   You’re not missing anything though.  We aren’t doing much right now outside of enjoying the amazing weather with morning jogs and lots of sidewalk chalk and bubbles.   But, we are all fine and well.  I hope to be back soon.


4 thoughts on “I got nothin’

  1. i’ve become so bad at posting that sometimes i forget that i even HAVE a blog! i’ve tried to just look at it as “taking the summer off” so i’m hoping the blogging bug will bite me again any day now. in the meantime, i’m still reading blogs (obvs.) and commenting (again, OBVS.) so i feel like i’m “in the loop”, whatever that means!!

    it’s ok to take a break…we’ll still be reading when you get back!

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