Trip Planning

It’s been a very popular topic in my blog circle lately.   Travel questions; Family Style.

We’ve flown with Nate several times but each time we go I’m a little worried.  He was only “this” old last time, etc.  So, we are flying to Seattle next week and while I’m more calm about it then ever I still have a few concerns.

One, he’s 22 months!  That’s 2 months shy of being TWO.  Y’all have heard of the two’s, yes?    So, I’m worried about him sitting still and quietly.  I’m worried a little about his ears and if he will sleep at all.  This is our first trip since weaning and until now I’ve always had my secret weapon at the ready.  I’m quite sure a sippy of cold milk isn’t the same.  We’ve been working hard on staying put.  I’ve not let him out to roam anywhere since the restaurant incident.  That is going just fine, so, hopefully he’ll get it.   I feel mostly prepared, I know my kid better now.  I know that a potato chip will get him to zip it much faster than an apple. I know not to bother with packing 10 books when he will just pick one and read it for an hour and then move on to  the sky magazine and safety card.  We have good equipment, the volo and the ergo- the tag team of  Oh-ho-ho not so fast!  I know what to haul with us, what to gate check.   I have a good foundation but still need help.  I’m planning on buying some new stuff but what, I do not know.

That is where  you come in.  Any advice on how to keep him occupied?   He’s super into coloring and his trains so those will be along for the ride.   What worked for your kids?  Open to anything from a dvd player to benadrly to new snacks.  Please share, so far all of the online advice I have read has been for babies, not the kid that know the limp-fish wiggle to get out of your arms.  I’ve got 5 hours in the air to fill.


7 thoughts on “Trip Planning

  1. Eeek. I’m not sure, but I can tell you what worked for us on a car trip of nearly 3 hours:

    -snacks (apple slices, crackers, grapes) & “moo” juice (milk)
    -“new” toys (we borrowed some from her cousin’s playroom and she played with one the whole way – it was a Thomas the Train laptop. Maybe something Nate would appreciate? Not obnoxiously noisy, either)
    -Books – especially the soft plastic “album” that we can insert pictures into for her to flip through. Changed the pictures right before we left so she’d have new to look at
    -Endless peekaboo, hiding under a blanket, etc.
    -We also left RIGHT at the beginning of naptime, so we got a bit of sleep out of her on the way there. The way home, not so much, so I only have a 50% success rate on this one. 🙂

    My girlfriend lives in Tampa and flies home to Michigan frequently. She says that the portable DVD player is a godsend. Something to look into for sure. I’ve also seen suggestions about “wrapping” or nesting things – I don’t know if Nate is into taking stuff apart, but seems like a good suggestion if he’s in that stage.

    Good luck! I’m sure he’ll be great.

  2. AJU5 is a little younger, but when we traveled with her at 17.5 months in a car for two days, we just kept a variety of small toys available. She would play with one for a little bit and then we would trade. I had a backpack for her with all of the toys and then a bag of snacks for everyone. We will be flying with her soon, and I am planning on bringing a similar but slightly smaller collection of things. The nice thing about planes is they can get up and stand! So, hopefully both our kids will behave on our trips!

  3. Doodle pro. You can get the small ones at target for like 5 bucks. Draw, erase, repeat. When we came to see you and Mia was 18 months, we did that, DVD player, coloring stuff ( I went out on a limb and got washable markers to change it up a little and she loved that. And for the love of god, get gummy worms or bears for the landing! You will thank me later 🙂 CAN NOT WAIT!!!!

  4. Traveled in April with our 22 month old at the time and here is what worked for us:
    Dried fruit, a toy airplane from the gift shop…once the plane starts, no one will be able to hear it’s amazingly loud noises, and some kid appropriate shows on the ipod. Travis loves Little Bear and for some reason, the ipod was better than the dvd player…maybe it was the “do it myself” coming out? if you have an ipod or iphone that is and if you do, you need to download “peek-a-boo barn”. And half orange juice and half sprite in the sippy cup. Got him to drink at the appropriate times because it was something new and delicious 🙂
    Good luck! The worst part was, as you know, waiting to take off on the runway and waiting to park. Next time we will be bringing a little hand held electric fan if it’s allowed.

  5. We haven’t flown with C and it’s been over a year since our big trip north, so I don’t have any advice, really. But I hope your trip goes well, and I hope Nate behaves and enjoys himself!

  6. Let’s see… so Brody was 22 months and Evan would have been 9 months. They were so fascinated with the entire process of “the plane” and were so happy to have our undivided attention for 5 WHOLE HOURS! I packed lots of snacks, I packed blankets (Evan still falls asleep on the plane), I packed music and headphones, drinks, and cars. Those little hotwheel cars are so small but pack an amazing “punch” and Brody played with them for hours making all the car noises. Good luck, don’t stress yourself out – I mean, you’re on an airplane, it’s not like they can kick you out half way through the flight!

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