A better bathroom

I’ve been slowly cooking up a plan for our bland and mostly unused bathroom.  It’s the guest/kid/cat room.   It’s full of stuff that worked in a house I lived  in 1999.  It’s past time for an update.  It all coordinates with the couches that I also want to get rid of.   I lived in this cute little Ranch back then and the bathroom was just off the main living area and it was all so cute and perfect and oh dear, matchy!  It worked for me then.   Now I want something that works for a family and also looks good. 

This is the room in its current state. Plain and nondescript.

kid bathroom

I don’t want an in your face kid room or any type of theme.  I’m hoping for something a little more subtle but still fun.   A while back I ordered this print.

 Studio Violet Poster

When I saw it I had to have it even though I had no idea what to do with it.  I didn’t care, I knew I would come up with something.   It became my starting point.  The colors turned out to be perfect, the floor has a very pale grey violet stripe and the tile in the shower matches.  

Now that I have a good plan I’ve been looking for fabric so I can embellish some store bought accessories.   So far these are my favorites but there are so many I can’t make a decision just yet.

These two.  These are my favorite but If #2 is a boy I’m not sure I want pink.

Midwest Modern greyMidwest Modern


Or these?

Louts Lime StripeLG2Louts- Sky






There wont be a lot of the accent fabrics I just want to add a few strips to the shower curtain and then embellish a few towels.   It’s just for little pops on white.  

Some of my ideas have evolved a bit since I first started thinking about this. I was planning to paint the vanity black but now that I am loving gray for the kitchen I’m thinking it will look really great in the bath too. Will add some hardware and it should look like new.    I was thinking of painting the room green, now I’m not.  I need to choose the fabric and then I will pick a paint color.   I can’t wait to get this room started.   I plan to get going on it after we get back from Seattle in late August.   Stay tuned!


4 thoughts on “A better bathroom

  1. I would go with the bluer ones – but then I am not a pink person! I love the stripe, but it makes sewing harder because it doesn’t hide flaws well.

    Oh, and with the bues, I would definitely go grey with the cabinets – it would look great!

  2. I agree with the other posters. They sound like really great colors for the bathroom. And pink could always be incorporated easily should a girl come along, especially with the blue and grey.

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