Today is one of those rare gloomy summer days.  Gray skies and lots of rain when everything looks clean and smells fresh.

I find a lot of decorating inspiration in nature.  Nate’s room colors came to me in early spring when I was noticing the clear blue sky and a gorgeous green leafy tree while sitting at a stop light.   This past weekend I saw a show where they painted kitchen cabinets gray.  A color I hadn’t previously considered.   I want a new kitchen, while this one functions well (appliances excluded) it’s dated and not really my taste.   We knew when we bought this house that we’d love to scrap it and start fresh.

Last week we looked into refinancing just for the hell of it and in an over the phone estimate learned that our home is currently worth less than we paid for it.   It’s not really a big deal since we plan on staying for a while and eventually the economy will recover.   But, it let me know that for the time being our neighborhood cannot support a full reno.  We won’t know how long we will be in Ohio for a few more years when Mike goes up for Tenure which is also a big reason not to dive right into it.  We may live here forever or for just a few more years.  So, a face-lift will make more since.   Especially since we need new windows and eventually a new furnace and AC system, not technically a new kitchen.

In my head I now see a pale gray on the lower cabinets, a concrete countertop, a glass tile back-splash in white with white upper cabinets.  Stainless appliances and a few other spruce ups.  Lighting, sink, faucet and cabinet hardware. 

Here is my kitchen now: kitchen

Here are a few I found on flickr after coming up with the two tone idea!

This first one, I love the open shelf that runs the length of the wall, the awesome light,  direction of the hardware.

G&W Inspiration Kitchen2G&W Inspiration Kitchen

 I love the use of space with these glass topped cabinets- this is something I’d love but would not be money well spent.  I also love the pop of color from the pendant lamp.

W Inspiration kitchen

This last one has a country feel (the island and cabinet hardware)  but I love the richness of the cabinets and the contrast of the back-splash.

G Inspiration Kitchen

I can’t say when any of this will be in the works. We still need our shower done, our master bedroom and eventually a second nursery which leads to one big boy bedroom in addition to the big stuff mentioned above. I think the jumping off point will be when one of our 17 year old appliances finally give up. I just love the process of a good daydream turned plan.


9 thoughts on “Daydreams

  1. I love your ideas! I wish you could decorate my house. . .

    One of the big selling points on our house was the completely remodeled kitchen. They did some amazing stuff with small space. We have some glass cabinet doors with lighting in them and it’s probably my favorite part of the kitchen. New appliances were great too.

    I can’t wait to see what you end up with.

  2. I love your ideas! I love to live vicariously through others’ decorating ideas.

    We’re in the middle of a kitchen reno (now that rest of the whole house reno is 90% done) – I think it’s going to make me go braindead. I LOVE white cabinets with glass fronts here and there, but it is SO not practicle for my family – dirty boys and mud-flinging dogs.

  3. Oooooo, I like! We’re in a similar predicament–we don’t know how long we’ll be here so we’re afraid to put too much into it. I really like the two-tone idea, especially if you’ve got a lot of natural light.
    Do you know anyone who does cabinets? It’s an easy way to save money if you buy your cabinets and either install yourself or have a carpenter friend do it for you. That’s what we’ll eventually do–my dad is a cabinet guy (has been my whole life).

  4. Vic;
    As much as I’d love to replace everything keeping the current floorplan and cabinets is the best way to go for now. I think we would reface the base and have the doors sprayed. Tearing out what we have would cost more than we’d recoup when we sell. BUT, if we stay for ever then resale would be less of an issue. Depends on how things go with Mike’s job and then how well a family of 4 will fit as time goes on. So for now the facelift is what I’m working on, even though I’d much perfer a full gut job.

  5. Hmmm…
    A friend of mine suggested that if we liked the style of our cabinets we could consider removing the doors, painting the cabinets and the doors, and then just replacing the countertop for a fresher look. It would cost way less than replacing the cabinets entirely.
    Would that work for you guys? Or do you dislike the style overall?

  6. Pretty! I like the first pic – I’d never considered doing a contrast, but it really works! I like the light in that first pic, too.

    I love seeing all your ideas come to fruition!

  7. I like the idea of the backsplash. Ive had that on my mind for a while now. It adds a lot for not a whole lot of $$. I asked Lee if we could do it, but we would have to tear out the tile backsplash behind the stove….cause I dont like that tile for the whole kitchen. So, it will stay as is for a while…or at least until I have more money than I know what to do with…haha. I like that first kithcen, or the last one that you have listed. Im pretty much over the solid white kitchen thing now. That seems a little boring to me now. I have cherry and that’s boring to me now. ….just put me down for never being completely satisfied with my kitchen. ugh.

    ps..i like you new pics oxox

  8. I really like the all white with the glass inserts and the blue glass backsplash. I am gonna do a backsplash to mine one of these days! How hard can it be?

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