It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

It’s finally here!   Design Star, oh love it.   Summer TV is always a bore and makes me sort of long for fall about half way through the season.  The TiVois at about 23% and there’s just not much on (except NYC Prep- talk about guilty pleasure!) enter my favorite show on TV. 

The first few episodes are sort of a bummer in terms of who goes home.   You don’t get to see much of what they are good at but someone has to go and oh, you didn’t eat so see ya later!  Really, the girl who went home last night wore herself out unnecessarily and was struggling as a result.   Granted, her room was an embarrassment but argueably it would have been better if she weren’t shaking and scattered.

Last night by far my favorite room was the Dining Room!  The floor to ceiling mural was really cool.  My second fav was the Living Room, while 2 of the 3 members were aginst painting some birds pink, I loved it.  However, I’d like to see a run down of what they spend.   None of the rooms looked like they spent the budget and most were really sparse and not decorated much at all.    Even with the time constraint this is a contest, you’ve got to know how to pull off the details together.    While there is a difference between being a decorator and a designer, you really need to be both to win this. 

Are you watching?  Do you have a favorite?  After the first show I think my pick is Anthony.


2 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

  1. i need to pay attention more next week to really pick my fave but i can tell you now that the two who did the “national geographic writer” room were so beyond absurd, i couldn’t take it. that girl is a “color designer” and her ego about it was out of control. i loved the hot pink geese too although i thought the guy whose idea it was was kind of a d-bag (and i think he is your favorite…oops, sorry!). but like i said to you earlier, all these people are total caricatures and play it up for the show. i just thank god there is no eddie this season (or am i mixing up shows? the one from martha stewart). i liked the pair who did the dining room. they seem pretty low key and they definitely had one of the best-designed rooms of the group.

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