Sew Cute!

Tomorrow is Miss Emelia Clare’s 3rd birthday.  So far this child has received shoes from me for every birthday.  This year I was inspired to do something a little more personal than shoes.

So, I made her a present and since shes already opened it do you wanna see? 

E's Pillow 1E's Pillow 2

And the finished product.

E's Pillow 3

 I was hoping that it would be good enough to give to her, not something embarrassing.  Carrie said to go slow, rip seams, and you want people to ask where you bought it not, who made it. I swear I went slow and I did rip seams that weren’t good and well, it’s border line embarrassing in person and the question it will beg is who made it but, I did it!  My first project.  Hopefully E won’t care, and hopefully it will hold up.  I’ve already dreamt that it fell apart.

– After seeing it she told me, “My pillow has beautiful owl’s on it!”  And in that second it was all worth it.


5 thoughts on “Sew Cute!

  1. Christina….I love it. You did a fantastic job. I know E loves her new pillow. The fact that you made it is just bonus!

  2. She carts in around the house and has to at least lean on it if she is not laying down. It is her “beautiful E pillow from Aunties sew mechine” I think it is perfect, and seeing her snuggled up with it, she does too! Thanks Auntie Stina 🙂

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