Lately you…


Sweet Toot


1. Can’t wait to greet the dog every morning.  We run to the kitchen to let him out, you greet him excitedly with a “Hi!”  And you can’t wait to get your hands on him.  You two interact all day long. 

2. Are officially obsessed with music,  more specifically our i pods.  You cannot function without music.  You dance with your left elbow and wrist, as if you’re making armpit farts.  We are waiting for the rest of your body to join in.

3. Would live off of fruit if we’d let you.  You yell “MM!” when something tastes good. 

4.  Call all birds  “goose.”

5. Hold on to me in the shopping cart, resting your head on my chest, arms wrapped all the way around my waist.  I say ” I love you, baby.”  You yell, “Yes!”  

6. Ask to go to the pool every day.  You fetch the pool bag from the laundry room and bring it to me with a question mark on your face.  

7. Love Nemo and Yo, Gabba Gabba.  I didn’t think I’d be the kind of Mom to plop her kid in front of the TV but in order to get a shower a little Nemo goes a long way.

8. If Dad is home you’d rather he read to you than me.  Fine by me, kid.  I’ve already read “if you give a mouse a cookie”  48 times today.

9.  Only want to play with toys which have dead batteries.  Life is so hard!

10. Don’t fall as much as you used to, but when you do you really make it count.

11. Love to wear shoes.  If you’re barefoot you will bring us a pair and ask “sooes?”

12. Stick your tongue out when you’re concentrating.  Just like your dad does.

13. You are prefect, and happy and kind.  You say Please and Thank you  (peas & shanks) you have no fear and love life in general. 

14.  Remind us to enjoy life, too.

15.  Shanks!


*idea from Ali Edwards’ post today w/ the same title.


4 thoughts on “Lately you…

  1. Oh, he is so cute. #5 melts my heart, and #7 makes me think that maybe it’s time to show Madeline the Nemo movie!

  2. ok, hormones are clearly in full rage as I am in tears reading this!!!!! (either that, or I just miss him so much it hurts and love him even more!!!)

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