Wish List: If I had a million dollars ed.

So, I’m turning a whopping 32 on Saturday.  I don’t usually get worked up over getting older, I don’t really care about the number, just don’t ask me about when I’m going to start dying my hair.   I’m still not cool with what’s going on up there but I digress.  32.

I think I know what I’m getting this year since A. I blatantly asked for it via OMG SQUEEE, and with a detailed email to Mike with all necessary ordering information. B. He’s not asked me what I want.  Which could be me reading into things (Moi?)  or him knowing me and I’m blocking out the fact that he doesn’t typically ask and does it on his own.  So, we’ll see! 

Anyway, here’s the stuff I’d like for you all to buy me.  Or, just send big bags of money, that will do, too.


I’d love this rug for my dining room.

cd cabinet

We really need some proper cd storage.  They are staked up all over the place.  I’d be awesome to put them in alphabetical order once and for all.  Of course, as much as I like this those glass sliding doors with Nate it would probably be a nightmare.   Whatever, what’s one more surface with fingerprints?

What’s life without a new Coach every year? And say what you will about the color and being practical,I think the white patent is hot.  I’d ditch the dangly crap on the left though.

coach maggie 

I spend a lot of time in an apron- I think it’s time for an upgrade or two.

lulea apronjitterbug apron

I could do this all day!  I’d also love some red salt water sandals, a new pair of “flip flop”  7’s and some basic t’s. A beach vacation.  Thinner hips would be nice, too.  So wish list aside; Mike and I are going on a date on Saturday. That right there is a gift itself!  After 21 months of parenthood we have found a babysitter.  Finally!   I haven’t decided exactly what to eat or see but we will be going out for dinner and seeing a movie.   That will make me feel like I’m 25 again! 

Do you still get presents?   Are your friends/family good at it on their own or do you lay it all out for them?   Mike does just fine without my help but sometimes I want what I want!


5 thoughts on “Wish List: If I had a million dollars ed.

  1. Happy birthday you 32-year-old youngun’! I received a Kindle as my last present and it is awesome. I’m so looking forward to seeing you guys.

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one. I also hope you have a great time on your date. It’s important to get some time alone sometimes, away from the “real world”. I really do hope that you have a great birthday.
    I still get birthday presents sometimes. Charlotte’s birthday is right after mine, so expense can be a big issue for us. It’s easier to shop for Ricky’s than it is mine because of timing. But they all do pretty well shopping for me–my parents know me pretty well, obviously, and Ricky’s learning. 🙂

  3. Happy birthday! I hope that it’s a great day, and that your date is lovely too.

    I get birthday presents, but I usually tell DH pretty much exactly what I want. We don’t make too big a deal out of birthdays anymore, though – we generally just use it as an excuse to go out and splurge on a dinner or something else we can do together.

    LOVE that bag, though – I hope you get to unwrap that!

  4. happy happy birthday! hope you have a most fabulous date night. and so glad you found a babysitter. score!

    i usually get cash from my family for birthdays, since that’s usually what i tell them i want! ha. seriously, usually i have something in mind that i want but their tastes are very different from mine, so they feel safer just giving me the money so i can buy it myself. and might i say, THANK GOD for that.

    this year (my first year with an honest-to-goodness boyfriend in um, ever) i told my boyfriend what i wanted approximately 2 months in advance. i know! BUT…it was tickets for a concert and we had to get them as soon as they went on sale, so it really couldn’t be helped. also? i sold it to him as me thinking of ways to make his life easier. and he bought it. ha! of course, he’s the kind of guy that didn’t even want me to say the word “birthday” when his birthday came up – he just doesn’t care about celebrating that stuff for himself. opposites attract, no?

  5. Happy birthday! 🙂 Love the cutesy aprons and purse on your wish-list! (Nothing better than a crisp white bag to finish off a summer outfit!)

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