Works in Progress

I’ve taken over the front of the house.  Both rooms under construction in one way or another.  Sewing a gift for my niece and painting the office.  The sewing is going pretty well considering it’s my first project and I’m working from a picture from flickr and with no pattern.  It’s a little complicated but not hard.  I’m really enjoying the process albeit a slow one.  

 I hope I can pull it off.  I can’t stop working on it, I’m obsessed with getting it done.   This kind of work is exactly what I think I need.  Things that take more than a day and cost less than a room makeover.  After this is finished I will get going on the first of two baby blankets.  I can’t wait!

Because it’s a gift I have to keep it under-wraps until the 17th.  But here is a sneak peak that won’t give much away.


Emelia's birthday gift

Anyone have big plans for the Holiday?  We are staying close to home,  going to the parade in the morning, cooking out and watching the fireworks from our front porch.  We have the perfect view from our house which is great, we’re going to try and keep Nate up to watch.  I’m looking forward to Nate’s reaction to the day more than anything else.   If he has fun it will be a perfect day.  Such a simple thing these days.  If the kid is happy, everyone is happy.  We’ll see!


2 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Awww, cute! I love that fabric, whatever it turns out to be. The “flip side” or just the corresponding yellow is perfect.

    I have the same hopes for the fourth – I hope that Maddie will be able to stay up and catch a view of fireworks. I’m not sure what she’ll think of them, but I hope she enjoys them just as much as I do!

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