One little word: The halfway point

Back in January I wrote about ditching the traditional list of resolutions for one little word.  A word to focus on rather than a list of goals, one word that would encompass many things and have many meanings.  My word was “today.”  So, how’s it going? 

I’m still mindful of this choice after a full 6 months have passed.  I have the word in a frame on my desk where I see it daily.   It has helped me in so many ways and while I can’t say it has cured my procrastination issue it has helped it greatly.

When I don’t want to brush the dog, sweep the floor, sort through my magazine pile to recycle.  I remember “today!” just do it, and I do.  When I want a cookie it sometimes helps me to choose an apple.  It has helped with overall health.  It has helped me to start and complete projects.  When Nathan wants me to blow bubbles but I’m in the middle of a chore, I stop.  I think that one is the biggest.  I’ve become really aware of how often I tell him “not now, Mommy’s busy.”    Unless I’m cooking, I stop.   I chose to stay home to raise him and be here for him.  Not just to have a spotless house; if my child wants to play with me or needs a refill, I remember “today.”   I remember that I will never have the day back,  he will be a new child tomorrow. 

I love this project.  Much more so than the list to take your vitamins or sleep more.  I think this is something I will do for years to come.  I can’t say I’ve ever stuck with a resolution long enough to talk about it the last week in June.  That right there is success!

Did you pick a word or make a list; how’s it going?


One thought on “One little word: The halfway point

  1. I was inspired by your post in January and I’m inspired again by this one.

    Getting things done “today” and enjoying the moment are things that have been on my mind in one way or another lately. Good job keeping your focus!

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