Haus und Garten

Oh, GermanVillage, how I love you!   Today was the perfect day away from the ‘bubs and a teething kid.  The home and garden tour of the historic neighborhood in downtown.   As a total decor addict I look forward to this day for months in advance.  Getting a peak into homes to see the architecture and design is hours upon hours of perfection.  I love to see it all and to be reminded that my decor skills are really quite remedial and the one I always forget,  money can’t buy good taste. 

There was one house that was a standout.  From the road it was as beautiful as all of the others.  Brick facade, perfectly landscaped court yard.  Pretty unassuming, really.  One step inside and my mouth was agape.  Speechless.  Oh, my!  Look at that, and that,  and oh, wow.  Each room was remarkable.  But, in a way I’ve never experienced.  It was unique in that it was a magazine quality mix of old and new.  The coffee table was a luggage cart from the railway,  perfectly patina over time.   That was just the beginning, every room was full of amazing things you’ve never seen for sale in your life.   The home was built in 1860 and in the past 20 years a couple and their 3 kids have lived there.  An extensive reno and add on doubled it’s square footage in a way that honored the original architecture and brought it both back and up to date.   I wanted to snap pictures but knew it was against the rules so I didn’t even bring my camera.  I would have risked jail time to get pictures of this house, I regret not trying.  (Carrie did and was quickly slapped on the hand!  hahah- totally worth it.)  I could go on and on about how amazing this place was with its vintage pieces from all over the globe but I can’t possibly capture it with words.   The homeowner was there to answer questions and I had an instant crush!   The first few rooms had me wondering if the kids of the house know how awesome their Mom is, what amazing taste she has.  Come to find out, it’s Dad who is in charge of this.  Well, he and his decorator*.  Still, what a way to grow up.  In the heart of the village and in this home with such taste.  Swoon!

I was discussing with Carrie while we were tromping from haus to haus that this mix of vintage and new is really new to me.  I’m really getting into it since moving here.   After growing up in the pacific northwest and spending 6 years in the south, it’s a surprise.  I’ve never experienced this before.  I don’t have any friends (Carrie excluded) that are into this look.  That go shopping at thrift stores or antique shops.  No home I’ve ever been into has had this look.  Is it a mid-west thing?  I know that it’s popularity is vast on line but in real life, not as much. 

Do you know anyone that brought home a rusty old stool and uses it in their kitchen?  Have you ever seen a card catalogue as a TV stand?  A chicken coup as a toy box?  What do you think about all of this?  I’d love to know!


*Monique Keegan-


2 thoughts on “Haus und Garten

  1. Sounds like the house of a local Yakima artist, Leo Adams. Leo is a Yakama Indian. He makes a lot of art out of “found objects” (i.e. trash). His entire house is a work of art which is featured every year in our local tour of artists’ homes. I’m posting a video link, which I haven’t reviewed because video down loads are a no no at work.

  2. Glad you liked the dawson’s house! and thanks for adding my name!!!!! Have you been out to my shop yet???????

    Trying to set up my blog, but its slow going…..

    thanks again!


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