Too Much!

I have a new gig coming up that I’m really excited about (more on that later.)  I’ve been trying to “see” more on-line as a result and am just finding that there is too much Internet!  Too many blogs, too many amazing stores, too many flickr groups.  It’s all so wonderful and just too much.  I use google reader for my personal blog roll (which is much larger than what is in my sidebar) I’m on FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr and so are a lot of my friends and family.  I try so hard to give everyone the time their posts and updates deserve but I have a hard time keeping up sometimes.  Though I love it all, I do take it for granted at times.

Despite the time factor I am looking for more.    More of it all, more women to read about, more on-line inspiration, more shopping, more crafting, more sewing!   Please, direct me to some of your favorites.   Leave a link or 12 in the comments so I can explore a little more.   Thanks!!


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