Right Now

  • Nathan is screaming himself to sleep. 
  • He’s over tired again,  too much pool.
  • I’m exhausted.
  • We’ve been getting up at 5:30 all week.
  • Not my choice.
  • I’ve been working out around 7am.
  • Pushing him around the neighborhood before its hot out.
  • We are going to the library Mon. Wed.  Fri.
  • This week we’ve been to the pool everyday.
  • I’ve been cooking dinner while he naps.
  • Why the hell haven’t I thought of this before?
  • Cooking dinner has become a hated chore.
  • He pushes me away from the counters and DEMANDS my full attention.
  • Now we can swim until 6 and I can enjoy cooking in peace.
  • Am slow, apparently.
  • I hurt all over.
  • Partly from running outside, partly from the pool.
  • It’s sort of surprising how much work it is to “swim” with a tot.
  • I am in love with spray on sunscreen.
  • I am so incredibly exhausted.
  • Spending the last several hours of each day at the pool is perfect!
  • Instead we are bobbing in the lazy river snuggling in an inter-tube.
  • It rocks!
  • Nate’s been extremely clingy this past week. 
  • I’ve held him for at least half of the day for the past 3.
  • It doesn’t suck.
  • I’ve never been so into being his Mom.
  • When we are at the pool my life matches up with the vision in my head.
  • I’m exactly the kind of Mom I wanted to be for him.
  • I hope that every summer is this great.
  • I’ve never been so happy.

4 thoughts on “Right Now

  1. I’m so happy things are going well for you. I’ve also discovered the cook-while-they-sleep technique… I prepare what I can ahead of time so it makes life easier. I also love this age… C just learned how to hug so I’m always getting random love, and it’s just wonderful! How’s potty training going? Have you started on it?
    Again, I’m really glad for you that you found a groove that works for you guys!

  2. and there it is 🙂 Sorry he is getting up so early and you are so tired though! But at least you are not tired AND loosing it!!!

  3. Hopefully this 5:30 deal will stop in a day or so. Im glad that you are loving the summer time with Nate though. ..and spray on sunscreen is a little on the rockin side.

    I like the bullet posts. That’s how my brain works…just random thoughts. By the way….the pic of Nate and Mike reading the paper slays me!! Too stinkin cute.

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