I have a rule I am really good about following.  It’s been maybe 10 years since I decided not to buy anything for my house if I didn’t know what to do with it or where to put it.   See, I love to shop at Marshal’s and Home Goods and thrift stores which are just chalk full of stuff you don’t need but that little red tag is so enticing!  Especially the ones that read “compare with”  oh, I do love to compare!  However, I remain strong and committed. 

Well ,in the past few weeks I’ve been breaking my rule.  I have so many ideas for the house, namely Nate’s next room design and another nursery  in a year or two and I have been picking stuff up.   Small things here and there that don’t add up to much but I grab them and think “maybe”.  Which maybe I will but if I don’t that’s just a waste of money!     Yesterday I grabbed these.  I have no idea where to put them.  

Aren’t they cool?  But seriously, that’s it!  No more random stuff is coming home with me!   I either know its purpose in the store or in the store it will stay.

Do you do this;  bring home things you fall in love with and then wonder what you were thinking?


6 thoughts on “Impulsive

  1. I have been known to do it – but I tend to do it with craft/scrapbooking things more than home decor items. I have been making a rule that I can buy things that are a good bargain as long as my stash doesn’t exceed the bins I have for the material. It seems to be working!

    Oh, and thanks for the ideas. I will start looking for things to decorate the room soon. All of the furniture in her room is hand-me-downs from our house or friends, so I don’t feel bad spending a little money making it more appealing!

  2. i LOVE these. i may have to steal them from you.

    me? bring things home that i fall in love with and then wonder what i was thinking? NEVER.


  3. 2 children and counting LoL, just kidding 🙂 I wish that I could be more like you and find things and bring them home, I have a hard enough time picking things out with a purpose!!!

  4. I’m with Heidi on this except when it comes to shoes, I tend to bring them home and have no idea what I will wear them with. Oh Well!

  5. i’ve had to make that rule for myself, too, except mine is mostly driven by a lack of space in my tiny apartment (and of course, no money). i also used to have a problem where i’d go to target or bed, bath & beyond and come home with all sorts of baskets or bins and whatnot to get myself “organized”. the problem was that i never ended up with quite the right thing, so instead of getting organized, i really just added to the clutter. and then nothing matched, which also drove me nuts. so now i’m not allowed to buy organizing things unless i’ve planned ahead and really thought about what’s going to work for what i need.

  6. I did that with a shirt, I brought it home after trying it on – only to discover (two years after the fact) it was the worst shirt in the history of mankind. Not in general… just on my body. I gave it to a girlfriend yesterday and she looks adorable in it. GAH. As for Marshall’s and Homegoods, I have to hold myself back in those stores!!

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