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I don’t know what it is. There’s some sort of surprise wax and wain with my periods of boredom and over inspired madness.   I don’t know which state I will find myself in from week to week.  Right now I’m in the madness.   Oh, it’s really my favorite place to be!  Would you like a peak inside?  Here is a list of things I’m cooking up.


  • choosing a paint color
  • working up a plan to revamp the bookcase (painting – papering back)
  • looking for curtains
  • looking for (non-tacky) UNC clock (what the Man wants)
  • thinking of non traditional floor covering – desk chair friendly
  • need desk chair
  • reconsidering floor plan
  • looking for a comfy chair that doesn’t scream “I’m from big box store!”
  • want fun & functional desk decor. 

Kid Bathroom

  • ordered Studio Violet poster
  • need frame
  • painting vanity black
  • installing mirror frame- paint black
  • new light fixture (chosen)
  • painting walls green (possibly horizontal stripes)
  • sewing shower curtain (after this weekends sewing class)
  • embellish store bought towels
  • want a word over the towel bar- in painted wood letters; word undecided  (splash or dirty- something whimsical and bathroom related) (Ideas?)
  • new accessories (toothbrush holder, soap disp, etc.)

Up Stairs Hall

  • new lights (chosen-same as ceiling mount hall light on the main floor)

Living Room:

  • New chair (birthday present?) (are you reading this Mike?  I really want that chair!)

Down Stairs Hall:

  • start a photo wall, small for now, a few family shots and build over time.

Master Bedroom:

  • possibly back on for early fall.  TBD.
  • entire folder full of ideas-
  • if this happens the bathroom will undergo a budget friendly makeover.

At this moment I have a lot of deciding to do!    Paint colors mostly but also deciding if the bookcase in the den can handle a print or if it will be too busy.  It may be a solid pop of  color instead.   I mentioned at the beginning of spring that I had a long list of seasonal projects that I wanted to complete before the pool opened so I was free to hang out with the boy for hours on end with no projects to complete.  I finished that list but I’m not settling into the relax mode. I will find a way to do the summer thing and continue to work on the house.   I just can’t turn this part of my brain off.  I need this type of stuff to stay happy and sane.  So, here I go again!  Weeeee!


2 thoughts on “Up Next

  1. Question/advice:
    Our kids’ bedroom is pretty bare right now. Since we may end up with two genders int he room for a few years, we want to stay neutral with the decor. We don’t want to paint (the off-white we have is only about 1.5 years old) or do any permanent. But, I want to do something! The crib bumper is yellow. The sheets are stars (yellow, blue, and green). I would either like to go with that theme or ducks or some other basic idea that will grow with the kids (up to age 5 or so). For furniture, we have two white, tall bookcases, a “wood” dresser, and a wood crib (both a light cherry color). We will be purchasing bunk beds probably in the next year as well as possibly replacing the dresser with a wider, shorter one that will also function as a changing table.

    Any ideas? Where should I start?

  2. With a blank slate you’re set for little or as much style as you’d like. I would keep the crib bumper you already have and get a new sheet to work with the big girl bedding you pick. I think stripes, dots and gingham would be perfect for mixing genders and you can keep it soft and neutral but still fun. If you’d like you can certainly pop a little pink or purple pillow or toss blanket on aju5’s bed to give a little girl flair- pink will look wonderful with yellow, blue and green. I would add some softness to the window if you haven’t already, a black out shade and fabric panels (which you can use to soften the light if you don’t care to black it out all the time) I wouldn’t worry a bit about miss matched pieces of furniture since the new baby will only use the baby set for so long. Save for the long term stuff and live with what you have. In terms of the walls my favorite place to start is by looking at Calendars- you get 12-16 pictures for $15 or less- a few I think would be great. Dick and Jane (soft colors) Dr. Seuss- or even what I used the little golden books. Most malls I’ve been in have a calendar store or a kiosk. Or, choose a favorite book and tear the pages out and frame the best ones. My favorite place for affordable frames and matting is Michael’s craft store- they have 40% off sales in that dept all the time. These combined (bedding and art) should last a long time- I don’t think either kid will be begging for a change even at the age of 5.

    I hope that helps! Let me know if you have more questions or if you’d like help picking things out -I can send you some suggestions if you’d like.

    Congrats on #2!!!

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