@ The Pool

I haven’t posted in a week!  How did that happen?  Oh right, it’s summer.  I don’t plan on that becoming a pattern. 

Nate and I have been on a roll this week.  With the Summer Reading Club kicking off this week and the pool opening for the season we’ve been on an every other day rotation of pool library.  I’m already more “tan” (read: freckled) than I’ve been in years.  We have been having a blast.

I’m without a project right now and it’s making me stir crazy.   After all of these months (20) I still don’t know what to do with my time.   About once a week I come up with something worth getting excited about but then once it’s finished I’m bored.  Carrie and I are going junk shopping on Saturday, with any luck I will find something to makeover or design around.  I have a doily project from Ready Made that I want to try so we’ll see if I can find any of those.  My sewing class is next Saturday.  I have high hopes for that and getting started.   Though, it’s really 101.  Learn how to use your machine and do basic seams.  The class after that one is to make a tote bag!  Not something I need but at least I will come home with more than a line of thread on a flat piece of fabric.   I have also come up with a total design plan for Nate’s bathroom.  I found a posterthat jump startedthe whole thing. I LOVE it, it’s not something that really fits in the house but I must have it.  I figured it was child like enough for a kid bathroom, not so child like that it isn’t cool.   The hold up is that bathroom isn’t”really”  Nate’s right now.  It sort of belongs to a cat….  working on that.    It involves painting the cabinets and the room, adding a frame to the mirror, replacing the light, sewing a new shower curtain and making some accent towels.  In my head it rules, in real life there’s this cat.

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