a place to land

As you all know we live in an oldish house in the suburbs.  A house in a neighborhood with sidewalks and grass, clean and tidy.  Boring, cookie cutter suburbia.  No mud in the ‘burbs, no mud room needed.  Because of this our house is without any sort of landing place at it’s entrance.  The front door is just in the middle of the house there are no walls, no place to hang a coat or put an umbrella.  Our garage door opens into a small “hall” where the pantry is to the left, the very small laundry room is directly in front of you and the kitchen is to your right.  No landing area.  No place to drop a purse or a key.    This drives me crazy. 

Until today the top of the microwave has been a collection site for the days stuff.   Car keys, cell phones, sun glasses, receipts.  All of the stuff in your hand or that comes out of a pocket.   The other collection site is the top of the dryer.  I toss my purse and our library bag there and because of that all of my junk gets tossed there too.   No system at all, and grounds for a lot of clutter.   I came up with a small solution. 

 entry from garage

This is what you see as you enter from the garage. 


I painted the frame of the chalk board and covered a plain box with a sheet of scrapbook paper






Having a proper place to set things “should” help with the pile up factor.  I hope it helps even though it doesn’t solve the entire problem.  My bag will still be tossed on the dryer but at least we will be able to find our keys and we can use the chalkboard to write little notes to each other or to jot down items we run out of during the week.  

Project Total:  $22.52

Shelf: $5.99- Target

Key Hook: $6.99- Target

Scrapbook paper: $.99 – Michael’s

box: $1.99- Michael’s (for receipts)

clear plastic take out box: $.89 (cut top flaps off to use for chalk) Michael’s

chalk: $.99 – Michael’s

Chalk Board: $3.49- Michael’s

white craft paint: $1.19- Michael’s


7 thoughts on “a place to land

  1. awesome! i love how quick you are with your projects…idea>>purchase>>do it. i need to take a cue from you 😉

  2. You are so darn brilliant. Love that you make your space work for *you*, rather than bemoaning what it lacks like so many others (read: ME) do.

    So inspiring! Love it.

  3. that’s so awesome! i don’t know what the area under your new chalkboard looks like, but if there’s room, you might put a small chair or stool there so you have a place to drop your purse or other large-ish things.

  4. @auntie: Thats a great idea in theory but there isnt enough space there. It’s where bruno’s food and water bowl live and even that is a bit of a tripping hazard.

  5. Wow! What an adorable blackboard and shelf! It might be cute to write a quote about home on the board so you read it when you come back in every day. You’ve inspired me to do something with my rather messy foyer. 🙂

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