CUYMH: The conclusion

I did it!  As of this morning I have finished month 6 of Clean Up Your Messy House.  Ahhh, it feels good.   The final challenge was to hold a garage sale which I totally gave up on after gathering all of my shit  goods and looking over it all.  It was wayto much to hold on to, after all that was the point of this.  But, it wasn’t enough to warrant the work and the weekend sitting in the yard to try and sell it all.  I opted to sell it to New Uses.  A chain of stores around Columbus that buy your stuff on the spot.  

Last night I loaded up my car and let me tell you, she was full.  I had a lot to let go of.   I lugged it all into the shop this morning and after about 30 minutes they offered me $61.50 for the lot of it*.  Sold!  I really didn’t care about how much they gave me for it, it was about getting it out of my basement.  However, I’m not one to scoff “free money” so hell yeah, $61.50!

Now that my house is clear of the clutter I have to be honest.  It is nice that the basement is organized.  I love that I took control over a few other areas in the house that were not being used to their potential.   But really, I don’t feel all shiny and new like Peter promised.  It was absolutely worth the effort, for sure.   Not so much with the life changing, as promised.  Which is fine.  I knew that I didn’t have the poster home for a clutter problem.  I was just looking for some direction and a little push to get me moving.    This did both.   

I’m glad it’s over.  Now on to bigger and better projects! 

*some items they had enough stock in, microwave, pictures and other things that I will bring back in 2 weeks as advised so there is a little more earning potential.


4 thoughts on “CUYMH: The conclusion

  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! We did a huge dump like that when we moved bedrooms to make room for the bebe and I felt like a new woman. Something about clutter just drags me down.

    BTW: If I could get $61.50 for all the random “goods” I have around the house that I constantly think “we should just get rid of that” (ie: all the camping gear for the two people who hate the outdoors) I would be a very happy woman!


  2. I’m sure you don’t feel any radical change bc your house was not cluttery to begin with! But I am sure it feels good to tackle some of those areas “behind closed doors”.

  3. Woo-hoo! Nice work! I’d be happy to get a few dollars for my miscellaneous stuff too – especially without the work of listing it all on Craigslist and then dealing with the crazies!

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I’ll definitely have to try the candle idea for my mantle. Good for you on getting organized; I want to try some of the closet organizing stuff from (they had a cute idea about using egg crates for jewelry- hmmmm… love that idea!)

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