Will Break for Fun

Today was a very full day.   We had an appointment at 8 for a car tune up.   We had a few errands to run and then I had to hit the list, hit it hard.   I worked through Nate’s nap and got quite a bit done so when he woke up crying I stopped.   I came up to get him armed with a snack and we went right to my bed to snuggle and watch TV.   During the chex mix and dancing to some song the Moose was singing I decided I was done with work for the day.  

I gathered a hat, juice and sweatshirts and we walked to the park.  After weeks of trying to get Nate to swing today he finally took to it.  He loved it last year but I suppose 6 months isn’t old enough to be afraid of anything.    He also slid down the biggest slide alone for the first time.  We were having quite a day!

Later, after I had dinner in the oven we went into the backyard with the dog to play some more.  I set up the sprinkler to water our new trees.  He sees it from the deck all the time.  Waaa!  Rrrrr, Waaaa!  (water, rain, water)  Today he had to see what it was all about.

With wide eyes asking permission he went right in.   He felt the first few drops and squealed with delight.  He took another step and started laughing, another step and it was uncontrollable.   He was hysterical, arms flailing, mouth open, eyes blinking.   It was awesome.  This went on for a while.  He’d go in, come out.  Sit on my lap and talk about the rain and go in again.  At some point after sitting on me (his 20 lb diaper soaking me) he didn’t let go of my hand and took me in with him.    Today, a day full of chores and monotony turned into one I will never forget.  The day that reminded me what it’s like to be a kid going thru a sprinkler when the water is freezing cold and its no more than 70°.  To have so much fun you forget about temperature.  To realize that all of it is worth it for the moments like this.  All of it.


5 thoughts on “Will Break for Fun

  1. Too cute…I love his little shoes too. I’m glad you got a break from all the chores.
    Miss you guys and I hope you have a great weekend with the in-laws.

  2. Oh, this is just beautiful. I’m so glad that you took a break and had so much fun with your little guy – he looks so happy dancing around in the “rain!”

    These are the best moments, truly.

  3. How cute! He’s having a ball. It does sound like lots of fun. Swings, Slides, and sprinkler dashing…..what a day! That’s the ultimate kid day for sure. Im glad it was equally as exciting for you.


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