I, list maker

I joke a lot about my lists.  I have them for all things, the list on the fridge of stuff we’ve run out of.   A list of creative ideas for a week, of what to clean, of anything at all.  I’m a list maker.  It helps me feel organized and on top of my life.  And, like I’ve accomplished something.   They can get a little out of hand, or maybe I get a little out of hand?  One or the other.    My in laws are coming in a few days and I have a list of what to clean/do before they get  here.  Welcome to My Brand of Crazy®   This is what I have to accomplish by the time I go to bed Wednesday. – am crossing them off as I finish.

mow law

weed flower beds – pull poison ivy (AGAIN! GRRRBASHSLAM!)

reinstall window screen Nate popped out

clean windows on main floor

Sweep deck & front porch

buy new door mat

sweep (inside)

vacuum whole house

mop (magic eraser kitchen floor grout(& clean baseboards)

dust (entire house) (window sills)

spot check walls and wash

wash boot tray and put shoes away

deep clean guest bathroom – move cat stuff into masterstock w/ soap, towels and tp.

wash guest linens- sheets and towelsLint roll/vacuum cat hair off bed skirt.

Need lamp for guest room (use one in Den or buy a new one.)

FINALLY get rid of broken tv in the guest room closet

clean 1/2 bath.    Refill soap, stock with TP.

Kitchen- fill dent in door way and over stove- re paint

touch up ceiling in kitchen/over sliding glass door

 de crumb silverware caddy & utensil drawer

clean out and wash interior of fridge & freezer

clean microwave

check basement for cobwebs- remove

figure out what kind of bulb is in hall fixture– replace (if I can EVER get it out- its halogen- they pull out not screw right?) Forget this!  I’m THIS close to just replacing the entire damn light fixture!

clean my desk (!)- put CD’s away- empty shredder

re hang prints on wall (too far apart)

change photo in frame on end table- new candle in holder

wash cushion covers on couch and spot clean the rest

finish touch up on Nate’s mural (fix mistake on the growth chart- wall paint next to bird house)

wash and vacuum car

plan means, snacks, drinks– shop

Oh, and don’t stop running the house- pay bills, work out,  go to the library, change diapers, cook meals, keep up with laundry, shower.  

Anyone want to come over and help?    It’s lots of fun.  Loud music, dancing, diet coke and lots of hard work.    And it’s always so worth it.  I sort of love being this busy!


4 thoughts on “I, list maker

  1. I love those busy times too… I always thought I was a weirdo for it, but maybe I’m not alone.

    And I’m SO GLAD that I’m not the only one who ends up with crumbs in the silverware caddy! Seriously, where do they come from? Drives me so crazy…

  2. so…are the in-laws going to be in the basement? because if you have enough cobwebs down there to warrant it being an item on your list, then i’m thinking maybe you guys don’t even go down there, so why would the in-laws? just curious 🙂

    i’m also all sorts of wondering about this one: “change photo in frame on end table”. what’s in the frame now that you don’t want them to see??

  3. Okay-Okay! I do love my in-laws, that’s true. However, the visit is really just a kick in the pants for me to do a lot of things that need doing. And honestly, I’d have the same list if you were coming over. They could care less if I vacuum- they just want to spend time with us.
    @Auntie: Our family room, home office, gym and play room are in our basement and we use it everyday. I’m just not that good about keeping the cobwebs dusted becuase Im short and its a PIA. We will hangout there at night while they are here so cobweb dusting is a must.
    The chaning of the photo is just something I’ve been meaning to do- it was a shot of my sister and I at her wedding- now its a professional one of Nate.
    Really most of this stuff is just crap that has to be done anyway so why not put a deadline on it.

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