If Only

I was relaxing last night with my Chai and a stack of magazines and came across something that cracked me up.  And, made me wish it were this easy.

I’m on week 3 of cleaning up my bad eating and exercise habits and it’s going really well this week.  Granted today is Tuesday but I am baby stepping this.  One day, snack, meal, run at a time.  Keeping in mind my “Today” mantra for the year.  I fell face first off the wagon over the weekend but that happens, I am not going to deny myself wine and cheese date night.  Right now I am breaking up my goals into small chunks they are a little less intimidating. 

So, back to what I was talking about.  This is in the June issue of Real Simple.  

 calorie expenditures that my surprise you

Activity  &  Calories Burned

Thinking Thin-132

Running your finger around the bottom of a frosted cake-215 

Fretting about whether or not you turned off the iron-240

Thumbing through a fitness magazine-273

Cleaning out your e-mail box-339

Opening a bottle of wine-406

Waiting on hold with customer service for 20 minutes-482

Opening your child’s plastic-wrapped Happy Meal toy-516

Restraining your had from reaching into the chip bowl-602

Scooping very cold ice cream-655

Scooping very cold ice cream while fending off three children-727

Pacing in front of the pantry door-826

Organize a dinner party in less than 24 hours-1071

Juggling seven grocery bags, the mail, and your keys-1149

Taking off a wet swimsuit-1500



2 thoughts on “If Only

  1. These can NOT be true!! I scoop icecream all the time and I have not lost a pound. LOL! Hmmm eating said bowl of icecream… And there it is! Ha!

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