Oh no, not that kind of hangover.    I have the good weekend kind, where you eat too much and get to go shopping and you’re given gifts and then you eat some more and its all so much fun and bam-over.  Over, just like that. 

I’m hungover.  I’m tired and fat.   Okay so better than a regular kind where your sick, I’ll give you that.

I’m cooking up my week today and it’s shaping up well.  Lots of running (those date nights are full of goodies) Nate needs a haircut and I have lots of fun and really awful house work to do.  Mike parents are coming late next week and I have my insane list of things to do before they get here.  (wash inside of fridge,  paint ceiling smudge- etc.)   Before I go on about my day, lets talk Mother’s Day, shall we?

Mine started too early.  I was sure that I’d be able to sleep in, that’s a MD given, right?  I thought it was.  Mike got up first and I had to get up with the boy at 7- I was not happy.  The day shaped up after that.  We went shopping for the 2nd day in a row to try and find the right furniture for our front porch.  After the two days I found what I wanted at the 7th store, this was too much for me even but the boys they just kept following me.  They are pretty sweet.   And oh, I love it!   He also got me a necklace but it wasn’t ordered in time for me to have it for the day.  Which is fine and my fault since I sort of drug my feet over which one I wanted.   It’s a silver disk necklace with Nathan hand stamped and it has pearl charms.  Will share when it arrives.   We went out for dinner and then I died.    Oy, the food coma that accompanies one after a huge Japanese steak house dinner followed by Blizzards from DQ.  UGG- hangover!

Did you have a good weekend? Did you get to sleep in, or get anything from my wish list below this post?


2 thoughts on “Hangover

  1. Oh, we had a fabulous weekend too – I’m experiencing the same sort of hung-over feeling! I got to sleep in, actually – Madeline slept until almost 9am, which I counted as her very own gift. 🙂

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m sorry you didn’t get to sleep in but it sounds like you had a good day! Can’t wait to see your necklace!

    I didn’t get one thing from your list or mine, but C was so sweet. Check out the blog for a picture. It’s so reassuring, as a mother, to see your child playing with a baby doll and being sweet and gentle and being a good mommy to it. Makes you feel like you’re doing something right. 🙂 That’s what I got for Mother’s Day.

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