Hello, I love you

In effort to avoid any actual work yesterday I went off in search of a few supplies to update something that has been sticking out like a sore thumb lately.

Nate and I headed out to run our errands.  Buying flowers and mulch for the yard and then running around all over to find just the right color of spray paint.  Trust me, that’s as fun as it sounds.  But, at the 4th shop I found it.   Once home and Nate was down for his nap I got to work.  Happily.  Sanding, taping and finally spraying about 6 coats to get the right shade.  I took the new lamp shade and hot glued some grosgrain ribbon with a stitch detail to the top and the bottom and a new lamp was born. 

Over and over again I shock myself with just how easy it is to do little things like this.   This does not look like the same lamp that I was eager to get rid of.   Now its awesome and an unexpected hit of color.   For about $23 in supplies yesterday (new shade, ribbon and paint)  I had a blast creating something new out of something I didn’t like.    For a closer look you can click on any photo for a larger version.


What do you think?   I only ask because it has suddenly convinced my sister that I’m not crazy.  

While we’re at it anyone want to ask a decorating question?


5 thoughts on “Hello, I love you

  1. I do, but I think I need to send pictures of the room to go with it, and maybe measurements?

    It is our upstairs loft, big and open (completely empty right now) I thought I wanted to paint it a soft gray color and hang black and white pictures. After that I am not sure….

  2. love the “new” lamp! i always think things like this will just be so hard or they won’t work or whatever, but the more i try things out, the more success i have. it’s so fun and satisfying to know you made (or re-made) something, isn’t it!

    i also wanna see your chin injury…because your description of it on twitter made me say “ouch” out loud!

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