The new Date Night

One thing that has been missing in my/our life since becoming parents is time alone together.   We had a come to Jesus this weekend about having to get this figured out before starting on #2.  We have an issue with being in OH alone.  Sure, we have friends now and some great neighbors but we don’t know anyone that has a kid or knows a kid that babysits.  

Because I’m not comfortable with calling a kid who’s name is on a tab of paper on the cork board at Starbucks, or checking Craig’s List we just don’t go out without Nate.  I hold out hope that someone will come into our life (SOON?)  and this will eventually be resolved.  But, in the meantime I have devised my own plan. 

Date Night in the Suburbs!  We came up with staying home in style.  Saturday nights will be date night.  We will treat it like a real date.   After Nate goes down for the night (@7:30) we will pop open a bottle of wine and have dessert.  I will either bake something during the day or we will get something from a local restaurant.  We will chill either outside on the deck or in the dining room both with candles and music.  We will sit across a table from each other and talk.    I promise not to wear sweats, he promises to talk about more than work.  

It’s no night out, I know that.  But, it is something that is serisouly missing in our relationship recently.   It never accured to me that we may have to adjust things and relearn some of how to be a couple once a kid was here.  But we do.  So we are.   We have come to realize that we are putting all of our effort into being Mom/Dad and not too much into Husband/Wife. 

I’m totally looking forward to it.  I think it’s exactly what we need and, it will get me to finally install the lights for the dining room!


9 thoughts on “The new Date Night

  1. that sounds like an awesome plan! i can’t remember what kind of work your husband does (not even sure i knew in the first place, actually), but he might ask around at work if anyone can recommend a babysitter or knows of someone, etc., etc. it’s at least a place to start, by getting a recommendation from someone you know. but in the meantime…wine and dessert on the deck sounds DIVINE!

  2. Such a good idea!

    We are lucky, that we have family close by to babysit. I honestly can’t imagine life without them. I really hope you can find someone to help out too.

  3. That’s awesome. We’re lucky to have lots of family around, but we still have difficulty getting out, mostly because I always feel guilty about leaving Madeline when I’m working all week long.

    We have date nights at home, too – it’s a fantastic way to reconnect without guilt or worry. Also – generally quite inexpensive! 🙂

  4. This is the number one reason we have waited so long to start trying for #2. We wanted hope that someday, we will be Michelle and Dave again and not just R’s Mom and Dad. And by doing exactly what you are planning, we found each other again. it’s been awesome. GOOD LUCK.

  5. Hi! I just stumbled upon your blog, and my husband and I struggle with the same thing. We have wonderful friends here, but have none with friends, and have only had two nights out alone since the birth of our daughter. We do date nights at home, or pick up dinner from a restaurant, or get movies from the library in the event that we might be able to watch them.

    Something else that works for us is scheduling a car trip (when gas is cheap) around a nap time. We’ll pick a route with great scenery, pack the car with snacks, and our daughter will usually fall asleep in the back for an hour or two. While she’s napping, we can chat, snack, and enjoy the scenery. It gets us out of the house, and usually we stop by a park on the way home, so it’s definitely fun for our daughter when she wakes up from her nap.

  6. Oops — I meant to say, “We have wonderful friends here, but none with *children*” instead of friends …

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