What I already know

I’ve been so over everything,  going on endlessly to any poor soul that calls to chat.   Stuck in a rut, uninspired, over eating, you name it all in the name of putting a band-aid on “it.”   

Without fail the problem is me.  I get all boo-hooey and take to the couch or the mall, both with food or coffee and wallow.   After a simultaneous rock bottom thud both me and a friend  made yesterday over email I decided it was time.   I had to peal myself off the couch, dust myself (read: Treadmill) off and get moving.   I wrote down my workouts on my day-planner, laid out my clothes and thought about what I would eat today,also, what I would not.   And dammit- it worked!   I got up early and worked out (a hard but easy on myself run/walk interval while I get back into shape)  stretched, did some hand weights sit ups and push ups and got a shower in.  All before Nate was up for the day.   I feel infinitely better today.  It’s rainy and gloomy and I’m in a terrific mood.  My mind is going a mile a minute with new design plans. (Front porch and yard) and all is right with the world.   And all I did was move my ass and, viola!  I mean, who knew?  Oh, right…..

I know this to be true.  I have  know it for my entire adult life.  I require exercise for optimum mental health.  Forget the physical aspect,  my head isn’t right if my body isn’t.  I know this isn’t ground breaking news but somehow I allow myself to throw it all away. Over and over again. 

My current plan is much like all of the plans I’ve made in the past.  Set the alarm and get it done.  Lay out my workout clothes before bed,  write down what I’m cramming in my pie hole,  and plan the day in sections so I don’t get so bored that I use the pantry to keep me company. 

You know what I also know?   That I will fall off this wagon countless times in my life.   But, as long as I get back on it everything is going to be okay.  If only this wagon were the ice cream man’s truck.  I’d chase that thing down daily.  Maybe I need some of that chime music on my Ipod?


2 thoughts on “What I already know

  1. Oh, I’m so glad that you’re feeling better! Sometimes I think that we need the “down” times to appreciate just HOW good life can be.

    I need to get moving again too… haven’t been to the gym since my husband was hurt. Which was three weeks ago. Ugh.

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