Not your Momma’s Closet

I’ve been a long time follower of the working closet on Flickr.  Since leaving the land of water coolers and stylish clothing I love to see other women looking fabulous.   I remember before Nathan was born I was obsessed with what SAHM’s wore.  I recall a column on the advice smack down where Amy suggests wearing khakis with cool sneakers and fun tops.  I thought I could do that.  But, I’d have to go buy some pants that were the right length for flats.  And so on and so on.  Basically most of what I wear these days is newer things mixed with a little of my old work wardrobe.  I thought it would go a lot farther than it has though.  I never took into account how much changes in a few years.   This is the first time that I’m not shopping for clothes monthly, just for fun.  Now it’s more about grabbing a well fitting t-shirt in bulk or a pair of jeans at Old Navy when they are on sale.  Not at all the way things were.  But, I think I’m doing okay. 

So, in both an attempt to keep-up-the-cute and to feel better about myself on a daily basis.  I’m starting a new flickr set.  I will take a photo of what I am wearing on days when I think I’m getting it right.  I will include the details of the outfit and what I am doing that day.    Your job is to tell me that I look cute or dumb  (bonus pts if you say skinny) and not at all like I am in danger of moving toward the Mom Who Gave Up.

This is what I wore today (gawd, you can see the sulking on my face, the lattes/brownies/cookies on my thighs!)  we went to baby lap time and hung out at home.


top- converse- Target

tank- target

jeans- old navy

shoes- j crew

I love the stripe on the ribbon and the dots on the shoes.   I have hopes for doing this.  That I will get dressed more often, and stay dressed all day.  I have two drawers of yoga and sweat pants.  I wear them too much,  I tend to dress to go out and then put on comfy clothes when I get home.  I am sure my husband would like to see me dressed more often, and if I wear my jeans all day maybe I wont eat as many snacks when they are tight.  Yoga pants don’t get tight.   This just seemed like a fun thing to do so here it is.  I won’t post this every time, it will just show in the sidebar.


9 thoughts on “Not your Momma’s Closet

  1. Honey, I work and I change when I get home. It just doesn’t make sense to wear the dry-clean only frocks to feed my child applesauce.

    That said, you look super cute!

  2. Oh, that is so cute! I love the fun sandals, and that color green looks great on you!

    I find myself doing this even as I work – grabbing the comfiest, fastest thing I can find just so I can get out the door. The other day when I clocked in at the office a coworker was like, “There’s something on your shirt… no, right there, by the collar.”

    It was banana, courtesy of Madeline’s busy hands.

    Kudos to you for taking this on… I may have to follow suit once I get more time in at the gym and fit into more of my “old” work wardrobe.

  3. That outfit looks very fashionable AND comfortable. I am a comfy clothes person, and luckily my husband isn’t one to dress up either (normal attire for him to work is argo pants and a t shirt…).

  4. Very cute and functional, and it doesn’t look like you’re trying hard to pull it off, just natural.

    I think the yoga/sweat pants when at home thing is something we all do. I’m extremely guilty of this. I agree with the no need to dirty good clothes comment, and also, it’s just easier to chase little monkeys around the house in (not to mention all the goober they’re bound to get on you). Plus, once that baby bump becomes a serious bump, there’s just no fighting the comfy pants.

    I have to admit, sometimes if I’m feeling like I did good on looking put together, I try to hold off changing until the other half gets home so that he can remember what I look like when not wearing HIS sweats.

  5. What a great idea. And let me tell you, even working moms have trouble getting their wardrobe just right. Yesterday I went shopping for some new work clothes, and it was hard to spend the money, but then I remembered that I had two children in two years so most of the clothes I have now don’t fit and I have to look professional for my job. It’s so hard, though, because my body is not what it used to be, and I have to swallow my pride a bit when asking for sizes higher than I’m typically used to, but I’ve finally realized that I look much better in a size 14 that accommodates my pouch than a size 12 that gives me a muffin top (and my “old size used to be an 8/10! Thank you, children). But I also think I’m finally in a mental place where I can do something about that size fourteen.

    I think you’ve inspired my next blog post!

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