Information Overload

I guess I’m ready to come back.   The past few weeks have been unusual.  Too busy to sit down, too sick to sit up, too aware that my problems are nothing compared to real life and that of loosing a child.

I just couldn’t come here and do what I do.  Complain about my kid, talk about my hair, bitch about how long it takes to paint 1000 square feet in 60 minute increments.  It was just too small, too insignificant.   But, I think I am feeling okay about it now.  Like, maybe enough time has passed that it’s okay to be myself again.  That it’s okay that I want to run away from home, away from my healthy, still breathing kid.  Just because hes been a handful.  So, here I am.   I guess.    So, here is what you missed.  I know you’ve been wondering! (snort)

  • I got my hair cut.  After several months of letting last fall’s ill advised bob grow out.  I now have virtually the same cut but longer.  I love it.
  • Except, I cut my bangs.  I love bangs but I have been avoiding them for a long time (years) because most of my grey is right in front. It was a bit alarming at first.   But I am embracing it, loudly.  By yelling in the mirror every time I see myself.
  • OMG (self) you’re way too young for all of this grey hair. 
  • Am I though?  Turning 32 soon.  Is that actually premature?
  • Painting is done.  It took about 8 days worth of naps spread out over 3 weeks.  It looks great. 
  • It of course has me questioning other things in the house now.
  • One freaking project always leads to another.
  • Oh, yeah. It’s blue!  The living room, kitchen and both halls.  A pale grey blue which looks a little on the side of baby in the sun but I am not willing to admit that, it is grey blue.
  • I don’t know which is a name and which is the color: grey/gray
  • Public School
  • I love it- pictures in Flickr
  • The before can been seen here.
  • There was nothing wrong with the yellow. I loved it for a while.
  • But I made the mistake I always warn others of.  I painted before the room was done.
  • You paint LAST!  I painted when the living room was empty.
  • The yellow just wasn’t working in the space as a whole.
  • I found some amazing paper to line the back of Nate’s bookcase.  It’s wrapping paper sold by the sheet.  A-Dorable!  also in Flickr.
  • I found an idea on-line this week that made me slap my forehead.  Why hadn’t I thought of that? 
  • Cork board  tiles on the inside of two kitchen cabinets.  One for phone numbers and apt cards, etc.  The other for the weeks recipes.
  • I hate crap on my fridge.  This is the perfect solution.
  • I used to keep the recipes in a drawer- this is SO much better.
  • Cost of said project: $5.69.  Pack of 4 cork tiles from Target.
  • I am working on a post about small things to add to your house that make life easier.  This will be included.
  • I made cookies yesterday with no sugar added applesauce in place of cooking oil.   Awesome cookies and so much better for you.
  • Which must be why I ate 6.
  • Healthy
  • Cookies
  • What?
  • I still have not finished the basement.  aka: last months CUYMH
  • I have yet to start THIS months CUYMH
  • Must get on it…
  • If I say it here, it puts pressure on my to actually do it.
  • I took Nate off the Nuk last week.
  • Week. From.Hell
  • Cause oh yeah, it’s the 18 month sleep regression
  • And I took away his comfort item
  • Am totally taking home Mom of the year award.
  • Totally!
  • He is fine now- sleeping well and over the pacifier.
  • I HATE pacifiers.
  • I wish I could say that #2 will never use one but really. 
  • Who the hell do I think I am?
  • Super freaking woman.
  • No.
  • Super Woman would have never been dumb enough to have a kid!
  • Then she’d just be “woman” and before she knew it she would have to replace her leotard with Spanx after baking  and eating all of the healthy cookies.
  • You know, cause of the applesauce.

5 thoughts on “Information Overload

  1. I love your posts. They make me laugh. 🙂 Did you save an applesauce cookie for me? Cause, you know, I totally don’t need it either.
    I also had no idea there was such thing as the 18 month sleep regression. However, it explains a lot, like why, all of the sudden, Charlotte won’t go to sleep on her own and screams like a banshee when we put her in her bed.
    The cork board idea is great. I think I’m gonna try it!
    Hope your week gets better. And good luck with Nate and being paci-less. Charlotte gave hers up when we started sleep training at about 8 months (she cried so hard she forgot all about her paci) and, thank God, we haven’t looked back.

  2. christina, that gray-blue color looks AMAZING! wow. it’s like a totally different space! so exciting. well done.

  3. Dying laughing over here! Glad you’re back 🙂

    Where’s the picture of you and your super stylish bangs??


  4. Living Room/kitchen look awesome. I love how Mr. B is in a different spot in each photo.

    miss you guys! hug little man for me.

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