Borrowed Idea

I am taking this idea from Moxie today.  She does a rant post every now and then for her readers.  “Primal Scream.”  

I’m having a day, or the 5th day in a row really.   It has been brought (forcefully) to my attention that I choose a really ruff time to wean from the Nuk, he seems to have hit the 18 month sleep regression at the same time.   At this point I think the nuk is a non-issue, the problem is his lack of sleep. I’m “coping”  read: pudding, popcorn, coke zero.  

Are you having a day, too?  Voice it  here.  No one will see it but us and we are the safe people, right?  Let it out!!


6 thoughts on “Borrowed Idea

  1. well you know about my day! If my children are not healthy and happy soon, I may run for the hills with my hair on fire! CAN’T. TAKE. ANYMORE. WIENING!!! AHHHH.. oh yeah, and I cant spell either.

  2. i’ve had a day(s) sunday and yesterday. working weekends and nights is getting OLD. especially when you bust your ass to hit a deadline and YOUR OWN COMPANY cancels the meeting with the client an hour before. lovely.

    thanks for the venting real estate. i needed that.

  3. More to my day, I now feel like an asshole for being sick of hearing my children be unhappy. Unhappy and crazy has suddenly become totally berable.

  4. My husband was hurt at work a week ago, and I feel like a total asshole because, while I know he’s in pain, I am SUPREMELY JEALOUS of the fact that he’s home ALONE ALL DAY with nothing to do but relax and heal. I just KNOW that he’s watching television that’s NOT Noggin and maybe even reading.

    That makes me, like, Queen of Assholes, right?

  5. @bessie; Dude, NO! Not queen of assholes. Nathan is 18 months old and since the day we brought him home I have yet to be home alone. Not one time has Mike put the kid in the car and taken him away. I’d totally run over my foot with a forklift for a damn break!

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