Do Over

After a full week I can finally say that I am on the other side of the flu.  You know how I can tell?   The half empty bag of jelly beans.  That should put a lb of the 7 back that I lost. 

Before I get to rambling I have to mention that today Nathan is 18 months old.  When people ask me how old his now I say, “one and a half.”  Omg, when did that happen?  How did that happen?  The other night we were getting ready for bath time and he came running up to me (I was sitting on the floor) and he was at eye level.   He can reach the kitchen counter top.  I suddenly have a real live kid.  The best one, too: I might add. 

I am ready to get on with everything I started last week before I got sick.  Excited even.  Today was awesomely productive.  I finished last weeks start on the living room and it looks fantastic.  I have some of the kitchen prepped for tomorrow.  I am hoping I have just two more days of work before this is finally over.   I love to paint but it would have been much better to knock this out in a 3 day weekend, which you know, I don’t have these days.

This months CUYMH is the home office and bathrooms.  No, I haven’t finished last months.  Thanks for asking.  I will; it is certainly on my list right now.  But lots of things are.  After the painting I have to clean.  Must!  After a week of doing close to nothing it is astounding how dirty the house got.  Then I will finish the basement.  It is so close I imagine one more full nap should knock it out.    Also on this weeks list is Nate’s closet.  Despite today’s snow, Spring is pretty much here so I need to weed out the winter clothes and get them into storage and get the spring/summer stuff washed and put away.  Then, after all of this I will get the CUYMH started.  So, probably next week.

But for now I’m getting back to that bag of jelly beans and settling in for some basketball.    GO HEELS!

3 thoughts on “Do Over

  1. We just organized our office this weekend – well, I still have a few piles on my desk – but everything else is neat… it was a huge pain, but I am glad it is done!

  2. Kindly tell my Nephew to STOP growing until I see him again. Then he may resume. I really don’t think that is asking too much.

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