What I didnt do this week

This week has been ZOMG super hard & horrible!   I had such high expectations, hopes, ideas.  All of which were wiped out by a stomach virus that hit about 6pm on Monday. 

You never see this coming, of course.  But man, what bad timing!  Mike had to take time off to care for Nate,  I was in a great place with my projects and feeling super motivated, its a new month of CUYMH and them BAM!  Ovah.  I had great meals to cook, the weather has been fantastic.  And now it’s Thursday and nothing is done.  It really doesn’t matter, it just stinks that I had to be so derailed, you know?  Oh well. 

I’m feeling better, considering.   Though I’m not ready to pick a paint brush or really do anything more than absolutely necessary.    Hopefully I will be back to myself soon.  I can’t wait to get back on track.  But I’m not rushing it.  I will wait until I stop loosing my breath carrying the kid up the stairs and can eat more than 3 bites of applesauce.  I’m so very glad to be vertical again!  Sheesh, how sad is that?

Now I am looking forward, rescheduling some tasks and am going to enjoy the slower pace of the day while my body finishes up knocking this out. 

How is the weather doing in your “neck?”   We are great here today, high of 70- but of course Ohio can’t let winter go just yet:we have snow in the forecast for Sunday!  Yipeee!  I don’t care much, as long as my new trees don’t go into shock I can take one more day of the white stuff.


3 thoughts on “What I didnt do this week

  1. OMG… I’m so glad you’re starting to get better. How awful for you! The guys didn’t get sick too, did they? For your sake I hope they don’t. Men are the biggest babies when they get sick.
    The weather has been hot and nasty here (our high yesterday was 90…our low was 68). You’d probably love the warmth, but I don’t know anyone who likes the humidity. There’s a nasty storm system moving through but I’m not sure how much of it we’ll get down where I am. *sigh* I miss winter already.

  2. I think the high today is 74!! I would love to get out and do something like pull weeds or take a long walk with the girls…but I was up last night suctioning Gracie’s nose so she could breathe….. It’s sort of windy her today, so I guess Ill stay inside. I took Landyn to the Dr yesterday for a cold. I thought it may have been going into her chest, but false alarm. I swear I am one of THOSE mothers.

    I am so sorry to hear of your virus. That’s the worst. Landyn had one of those about 3 weeks ago. I couldnt stand it. I wanted to take it from her.

    On the upside…. how much weight have you lost??? ha


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