Nathan’s Room

 I am really excited to share this room with you, also, a little nervous.    For some reason it feels really personal.  Much more than any other room in my house.  It’s where my boy plays, reads and sleeps.   I feel like this is where our story began.   Right here, in this room.   It’s all for him, but I will be honest.  I adore this room.   To us  it’s  warm and cozy, where we start and end every day.  I know he loves his space and that makes it that much better. 

The inspiration for this room came from the Little Golden Book prints.  I didn’t want any sort of theme or anything that felt babyish or commercial (I’m talking to you, Disney!)    These were perfect.  Book covers from my childhood!      So, lets get started!

 Looking in….img_09961




And now a few different views and some detail.


This is a view from the rocker.  The main pieces of the room, crib, changing table, rocker and ottoman are from Babies R Us.  The crib bedding is Kasey in Primary from Pottery Barn Kids (the quilt is over the back of the rocker), the sheet and skirt are gingham also from PBK.    I love that the colors pull from the art and that there are several patterns.   The lamp (behind the rocker) and the baseball night light are also from PBK.

On the walls

 These are one of my favorite things in the room.  They were originally a calendar and the frames are from Michael’s. I am still trying to get my hands on all 7 of these books.  I cant find  The Happy Whale.  But I keep looking.



These are two pictures I took and used Kodak Gallery to edit.  These frames are also from Michael’s and the N came from PBK.



You’ve seen this one.  The shelf, frames and letters are all from Michael’s.  I painted the letters with craft paint and stained the wheels with regular furniture stain I already had. The owl prints are from an Etsy shop, Yumi Yumi. The photo of Nate was taken by my sister in law and the frame was in a box in my basement.



This is the project I have been working on for the past three weeks.  Finally finished.  The idea came from my neighbor but this actual tree is a copycat of this.  Carrie was able to work it up on her computer to scale and made some changes like adding more leaves and making the branches a little more organic looking rather than chopped off like the inspiration tree.   We made a grid on the wall and she drew it all out for me.  Over the next two weekends we got it painted.  I am thrilled with it and quite surprised at how well it turned out considering I had never done anything like this before.  Huge thanks to Carrie for her help!img_10032


 This is the top of the bookcase.  Another LGB cover, frame from Michael’s.  The lamp is about 13 years old, purchased from Pier 1 back when I worked there seasonally.  The Mason jars are from a local junk shop.  One is filled with little items, mine and Nate’s hospital bracelets,  some ticket stubs etc.  The other two are being used as picture frames.  The color of the jars give a great hue to the pictures.   The little clock radio plays Nate’s lullaby Cd’s.  A very important part of his room.


 The little details

The bookcase was added after weaning and we needed a real bedtime routine.  So in came his books.  The bookcase is from my office, a nicer, larger more sturdy one will be added later when we make a decision on his big boy set up.   I painted the back of it the same color as his walls but am on the lookout for something cool to line it with.  The little frog is William and was a gift from the grandparents, the baseball is the first of what we plan on making a collection, and there is the little engine that could all on the top shelf.  Below it there is a little Nathan licence plate we picked up in Denver last summer.  There are also two small pictures.  One of Bruno and of Milo when they were small.  The lower shelf has a baseball player bobble head and Nate’s Octopus.  A baby toy he is pretty attached too. The little stool to the left came from Hobby Lobby.


 This little toy bin was an unfinished wood piece I picked up again at Michael’s.  I painted it white and lined the back with scrapbook paper.   The top has another picture of Bruno and one of Mike and I.  The wall has Nate’s name spelled out with stickers.  The little wire basket is a CD box from Pier 1 (purchased at the same time as his lamp) and it holds some of his trains. img_10191


There are a few other items like the outdoor wind chime that my In-Laws got for us in Mexico years ago that hangs in the corner over the bookcase.  The hooks on the back of the door are used for bath towels and Nate’s robe.  His name is spelled out in stickers.  I changed out the knobs on  his dresser to give it a little extra touch.  They are porcelain and metal.


 Thats about it!   Hope it was worth the wait.  


11 thoughts on “Nathan’s Room

  1. Oh, I love this! You have so many tiny personal details in this room that make it truly, uniquely his.

    I really love the tree that you painted – it is just gorgeous! What a great place for him to play. 🙂

  2. Still love it all! You have created such a special space for my nephew 🙂 oops I mean your boy! lol.

    And yes Becky, it is ALWAYS clean!!! I have even seen Nate clean up after himself 🙂

  3. Sorry, I was blurking again. =)

    I am absolutely in love with the tree! Such a fun addition – and something that can grow with with the little one! I’m thinking I may have to see if I can find any vinyl wall decals that are similar for my little boy’s room.

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. what a great room! i LOVE the idea of using the Little Golden Books as artwork – i remember all of those except the happy little whale (and i think my mom still has them all from when my sister and i were little!).

    and the tree is beautiful and so fun. great job!!

  5. You have just inspired me to fix up the boys’ room. My “roommate” is moving out this weekend, so it’s the perfect opportunity for me to get the whole house in order. Thanks! This is exactly the type of inspiration I needed!

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  7. Hey There!

    Cute room for sure. We also have the three pics over the bed, weird. We also have the rocker in the corner, weird.

    Love the Tree idea – so awesome. I am too Chicken (and lack basic pasting and cutting skills – I always had the cute girls in grade school help me with it).

    The room is so ‘clean’ yet it has so much personality – well designed, well done.

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