A simple life

We took the kid to Toys R’ Us this morning for a  Little People Party & Story time.   We came a little early to look around, letting Nate test drive a jeep, bounce some balls and play with a train table.   We colored and collected our little gift bag and played with the Little People toys they had out for the kids.    We were there for about 1.5 hours.  We bought nothing but had a great time.

After we went across the street for some giant burritos at Chipotle and an even bigger diet coke.  Came home and put the boy down for a nap. 

I would have never imagined that I would consider this fun.  That this would be the makings of a good day.    Just one of the thousands of things becoming a Mother has taught me.  Life is different, but damn if it isn’t also good.


8 thoughts on “A simple life

  1. Sounds perfect 🙂 It is crazy what we find “perfect” after kids. Perfect is a day out of the house where everyone is happy and there are no fits 🙂 PERFECTION!!! Glad that you guys had fun! We are off to shop and then having Steve, Lauri and Audrey over for dinner – perfect 🙂 Love you guys!!!

  2. I think that is a perfect day! I love going to the stores and letting AJU5 try things out (especially since she gets tired of the toy before I even have a chance to pay for it!).

  3. Tonight we went to Jason’s Deli and Target and Kyle was so good, we were on cloud nine. How many times did we do that same sort of thing before and not enjoy it nearly as much. Also … I am insanely jealous of that large Diet Coke you had 😉

  4. Love that. We had a similar day yesterday – just church and hanging out, playing at home. It’s crazy sometimes how satisfying it is!

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