spring projects

I sat down after lunch with the big green notebook today.  This is always trouble and expensive.   It was time for some inspiration (ignore the fact I’m in the middle of two other projects) and this always gets my wheels moving.

I started my list for the season.  I do this 4 times per year.  Sit down and write up what I want to accomplish in the house and a list of what to buy, feasibleor not.   This season there is a lot that we won’t get around to. And some things that make an appearance every time like new appliances and now the bedroom makeover which is been taken off the back burner and put back into the pantry for a while longer.  I doubt that I will get the “living room” style set for the back porch as well as rockers and a table for the front but  you never know.   So they are on there. 

But, there is a ton that I will do.  This season I have lots of fun stuff and I am hoping to get it all done in the next two months.  Before the pool opens for the season.  Yikes!   There is yard work and house work and some stray things like buying pant hangers and an ironing board (shut up).   I have been putting off painting the dining room for a long time.  Years, actually.   See, choosing paint is the last step in room design.  You decorate and then choose your color.   The room is getting there but I am still having some  issues.  1. we cant get a rug yet.  Our cat has a “thing” for area rugs, if you get my drift.  and  2.  what to do with the top of the hutch is slowly killing me.    But, I have finally found a new light I like and have visions of reupholstering my chairs (except I waited to long to order my fabric and now its GONE)  so I think I’m ready to delve into paint.  I also need to paint the hallway between the dining room and kitchen.

This sort of opened a can of worms.   I’ve grown really tired of the yellow in the kitchen.  I can no longer live with it, it’s just too much.    Which brings me to my rock & hard place.  Do I paint it the color of the living room which I often sit in and thing this is so boring! or paint it the toned down darker shade that I have picked for the dining room.   I don’t know.  I have the chips taped up in the kitchen.  I also  have 1/4 of a gallon left from the living room and I think I will slap some of it up in the kitchen and live with it for a week or two. 

The issue with the paint in my home is one that I bet a lot of us have.  My living level isn’t a great room so to speak but it is very open.  You can see 3 of the 4 rooms no matter where you are standing.  Plus, there are areas that are 2 stories high.   This makes choosing tricky.   So, tonight I will consult “Mr. Opinion”  and take it from there.

I have made no progress what so ever on the basement.  I have to get moving on it with just over a week before the April task is assigned.  Also, I have been promising the kids room details and tour which is still coming.  I’m nearly finished with that but it’s something I can’t do with him in the room, or while  he is napping so that means I only have weekends when Mike is home.   I hope you will still be interested by the time I get it posted.

Despite the turn in the temps we had overnight I’ve managed to stay motivated and excited about the season ahead.  I really can’t wait to get started.  One of these years this house will look lived in and not like we just finished unpacking!  Probably the year we decide to move.  I digress.

Talk to me about Spring!  Are you doing anything around the house?


4 thoughts on “spring projects

  1. No big spring projects decided on yet, but going through my mess of a closet will probably top the list.

    And the baby clothes. . . he somehow grew out of the bulk of his clothes, overnight it seems. So those need to be boxed up!

  2. We are almost done with the basic projects – floor is being laid int he family room as I type. But, then we have to install the base boards and move furniture. Then comes the “decorating” – which I am terrible at…

  3. I hadn’t started a list… but I love this idea! As you know we have a lot on our plate yet with our house, and I like this idea of keeping a notebook. I love crossing things off, so it will be fun!

    We’ve got a bathroom remodel coming (new tub, sink, flooring and paint) and I have yet to even begin researching colors… think I will find a shower curtain I love and go from there. Will work to branch away from my neutrals a bit this time!

  4. Hmmm, well we just painted the exterior of the house and fence, so that was major. We also ripped out the bushes behind our deck and are planning to either extend the deck at some point, or plant some hydrangeas there. We also want to plant some trees along the back property line to give us some privacy since the fence is lower now. Then just the usual flowers and ferns out front. I really want to plant a garden again but I would need to get moving on that in the next few weeks which I am dubious about.

    We are in the middle of painting the master bathroom (1/2 done) and then we are also going to get some new hardware & fixtures in there. I am also on the hunt for a new front door. If we get all that done, next up is to paint the master bedroom, which is pretty much the only room in the whole house we have not painted since moving in one year ago. I am so happy with or progress so far but the list just NEVER ends. Pretty soon I am going to have to think about Blythe and getting her some big girl furniture, but I am holding out as long as possible on that (i.e. til she starts climbing out of the crib!) and til I have decided if she gets to keep her own room or has to share with Alice which is totally dependent on whether we have another baby! Oh the pressure, haha!

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