I did it for me

The last four days have been just perfect!   I am afraid to tell you out of fear of being hit by lightening.   The weekend was wonderful as I got to spend a little more time with Mike than usual.  There was also shopping for clothes, eating of candy and a few hours of girl time.   Usually a good weekend dies a painful death with a thud on Monday morning.  Not this week.

Yesterday Nate and I headed to Story Time just like every week.  We hung out for a while playing and reading books, then we did the same at home,  we both took naps and then went for an hour long walk outside, without coats, and played at the park for a while.   Today we went out shopping for a few items, I picked up an impulse item marked down 90% (!) and the things we came for turned out to be  50% off at checkout.   If that doesn’t start a day off right I don’t know what will.   We headed home for some lunch and I put him down for a nap and headed outside.  Armed with yard waste bags I got to work cleaning out my flower beds.  I raked and dug and pulled and picked up pine cones and just took in the sunshine and the fresh air and never for a second felt like I was doing work.   Then I put the patio set back into place. 

When Mike pulled in the driveway tonight Nate and I were down the road a little way just wandering and inspecting the ants and any thing that rolled by on “wee’wee’s”  wheels.  So happy to be outside, both of us.   We ate dinner outside,  barefoot. 

This year this isn’t as much an epiphany as the two past.  The weather defines me.  The warmth, the blue sky, the sunshine.  I am crossing my fingers that this feeling lasts.  The weather will turn back to average on Thursday and there won’t be any more dinners alfresco for a while.   But today I felt the sunshine on my face and dirt under my nails and I ate outside.  Even if it doesn’t last, today I took advantage of every second of it.  Today I did it for me.


4 thoughts on “I did it for me

  1. Awesome! You sound so happy. Days like that can really give your mood a 180! Not much longer and the weather will stick. 🙂

  2. I came across your blog from Lizzy’s. I can’t tell you how much I’ve had this exact same feeling in the last month – a day here or there where everything is completely perfect, and mostly due to the weather and what you’re allowed to do with a little one when it’s not snowing/blowing/raining/freezing. Funny how dependent we are on a bit of sun. =)

  3. Awe…I ate outside with you almost a year ago. Remember…we drank those nasty V8 and Tekillya drinks??

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