Up and Down

I have been feeling a little rollercoaster’ish the past week, maybe a little longer.  One day is wonderful, we have plans and have fun.  Another we are in for the day and I am looking forward to it and then it’s lame.   The weather is really factoring in.  For example, Tuesday it was 78, today’s high is 37.    It’s not much of a surprise that my moods are swinging, too.   I am really looking forward to the next warm day so I can clean up my flower beds.  I noticed yesterday that some bulbs are popping up!   I know that once the weather turns for good that I will be in a much better place daily.   This winter hasn’t been any worse than the past few but it sure affected me the same.  I hope that next year will be  a little better.  Nate will be a little older and I hope to plan art and craft projects for the two of us to do together.  Not that I wish this last bit of babyhood away but I really can’t wait for the next stage.  I think I may get a light box too.  That is supposed to make a huge difference all by itself.

I am also getting my ass kicked by the time change again!  I toss and turn and fall asleep around 1, as a result I pass out on the couch watching TV at night, go to bed wide awake.  Rinse, repeat.  So, I’m trying even harder to stay busy and awake at night to correct this pattern. I got a little bit done on the basement (I promise that is coming in a day or two.)  I’ve been working in Nate’s room a bit, full tour should be ready next week.   I am planning a few other small projects as well.  I really must have things to do that are not working out or cleaning in order to stay sane.    I am finding balance with them as well as checking out books weekly.   I get a real book to read and a few on decorating, gardening or cookbooks and a big stack for Nate who’s favorite activity is having us read to him 24 hours a day.  This helps break it up or it would be all day long with Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Ploar Bear, Polar Bear.    Despite the ups and downs of the last stretch, I can’t imagine how I could have made it without these things.  

That’s my week.  Sleepy, trying hard to stay motivated with this crazy weather and staying on top of it all.   Are you guys feeling really blah and burnt out right now, or is it just me?


3 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. I hope it warms up for you! It must be awful to be cooped up for so long.
    I dread spring/summer but then again, I hate the 80’s and 90’s and 100’s we get every year. It’s kinda blah around here too, but part of it is the waiting that we’re dealing with. Everything’s in a state of transition and we’re just tired of it all.

  2. I am getting that burnt out feeling. I just have to make it until April 15th and the load will be lifted. In the meantime I’ve got days like this. . . where I have, oh, another 7 hours of work left today (and it’s already NOON)!

  3. I’ve actually been doing better since the time change – the sunlight in the evening always makes me feel so, so much better. It’s depressing to leave the house when it’s still dark and get home after the sun has set! DST fixes that.

    I can’t wait to see pics of your storage project. I haven’t even started yet, but my mom brought a Space Cube full of all my prom/bridesmaid dresses over yesterday. There’s still room in it, so I think that’s where I’ll start!

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