busy doing nothing

I am sitting here thinking about what has happened since I last posted and I can’t come up with anything.   What did I do this weekend?  Hm, thinking, thinking…. grocery shopping,  ran, showered, that seems to be all.  Then, well what did I do Monday and Tuesday?  Story time, paint, laundry, shred, shower, cook dinner.  All stuff but still nothing. 

Sometimes this is really all that goes on around here, lots of nothing.  Just regular old living that isn’t blog worthy in the least.   I’m going to fight the urge to do a bullet post.   I will randomly add here that Nate called the Dog, Koko this weekend which cracked us up.   We call him Cokes or koko’jo all the time; it’s really insane how much kids pick up.

Thanks for your comments last week about loosing my drive.  I am getting back into it but it’s not been effortless.  I really am not in a place where I want to workout.   I know that “just do it”  is the way to go.  Don’t make excuses just do it.   If it were that easy we would all be a size 2 and workout 6 days a week.  It is not easy, and I am pretty sure I skipped the size 2 sometime around 8th grade.  I am trying, I am putting it on the calender.  I’m parking my running shoes in my own path so I trip over them.  I have an apple on the counter so when I go up for a snack in an hour I remember that it is what I should choose.   I will keep going.

I got the CUYMH email a few days ago and my esp(n) was right on with the task.  Storage and basements.  I am thinking about this a bit and spending a lot of time wandering and poking in boxes.  Post on this coming soonish.

I didn’t get any decor related questions this past week which is cool.  I will ask again in a bit.  I did come  up with an idea though.  Would anyone want to read about how to redo a room without a budget?  I might be able to help you freshen up for spring despite the state of the economy. 

What have you guys been doing?


4 thoughts on “busy doing nothing

  1. doing nothing seems to be running rampant these days – every blog i read, every person i talk to says that they don’t feel like doing anything, they haven’t been doing anything, there’s nothing to write about, etc. etc. and i’m in the same boat. i haven’t posted anything on my blog since before valentine’s day, for crying out loud, and every time i think “i should really just post something so people know i’m ALIVE”, i lose interest because there’s just nothing interesting going on right now.

    i think so many people are just putting one foot in front of the other these days – in regards to paying bills and going to work and being healthy and all the million other ways we try to better ourselves and our world – and sometimes that’s just how it is. i can’t help but think that some consistent sunshine will help us all, no matter where we live. at least, that’s what i’m placing all my bets on!

    also, i’d love to hear about redecorating a room without a budget! i live in an apartment, so i can’t paint the walls or install “built-in” furniture or any of the fun stuff i see on HGTV. any and all ideas are much appreciated!

  2. I got one for ya…
    Our living room is dark. I mean windows are in the back of the house so the sun rises at the back therefore around 5pm we have to use the lamp so we don’t trip over dog toys. On top of this room being dark, the walls are painted burgandy…<–not my picking, done before I was even thought of. How can I convince Andy to let’s go lighter with the wall color?? It’s slowly killing me…and he won’t budge.

    Should have probably saved this one for later…

    miss you guys…

  3. It’s this end-of-winter time, I think, that has everyone in “doing nothing” mode. I feel like I’m just existing until the warm weather hits… I want to be able to get OUTSIDE with my girl, take walks and play and explore the yard. Tired of being inside. I’ve been shredding too, and it feels good but my heart’s just not really in it. Like you said: forced.

    I can’t wait to hear more about storage/basements – that was actually on my list for this weekend, so perfect timing! I’ll be getting into this one. I discovered boxes we still haven’t unpacked from our move two years ago, so those are first on the list.

    You know I’m in to hear anything more about decorating – I think you’ve got a great talent there! No budget would be fun too.

  4. I am going to have tons of questions once my ex moves out – then you just watch out! In the meantime, I am slowly being buried in his clutter. …. acckkk… heeelllllllpp mmeeeeee

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